Man is doing a presentation in front of his colleagues

Collaboration is the key for a good sales and operations plan

First of all, let’s answer at this question: what’s sales and operations planning and what are the advantages of S&OP process? S&OP (or IBP, Integrated Business Planning) can give a number of benefits such as greater visibility of the demand and supply across the enterprise, improved inventory management, increased promotional planning, increased accuracy in budget forecasting, and an improved product lifecycle management process.

Stina Berghaus at May 29 2020
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TIA customer day 2016

More than 30 participants from 16 different companies joined the TIA-Customer-Day 2016. The number of participants at the TIA A3 Forecast GmbH customer day was more than twice as high as it was in the last few years. Most of our customers in the german-speaking area are taking part every year.

Stina Berghaus at March 6 2020
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LogiMAT digital logo

Web session instead of trade fair: Digital LogiMAT alternative is now online!

In recent years, LogiMAT has become the most important intralogistics trade fair in the REMIRA Group calendar. In 2020, the leading trade fair will not take place due to the ever-increasing coronavirus. The companies of REMIRA Group regret the cancellation of LogiMAT. For REMIRA, Stat Control, LOG:IT and TIA A3 Forecast, however, the health of all trade fair visitors and employees is paramount.

Michael Milkowski at March 5 2020
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TIA A3 at Euroshop 2020

Euroshop represented a very successful moment for TIA A3, which we shared with our partners and potential new customers, where we had the opportunity to present and illustrate our S&OP solution and passion for our work. We also want to thank Remira Group for the fundamental logistical support for the success of such an important event as Euroshop!

Stina Berghaus at March 2 2020
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Digital purchasing strategy as a success factor – Free tickets for LogiMAT

Although digitalization is currently regarded as a must-have of logistics, the reality of inventory management is different: Instead of modern digital technologies, many buyers still rely on spreadsheet software such as Excel & Co. Above all, the digital transformation of procurement offers companies the opportunity to optimize their added value and generate growth. At LogiMAT, REMIRA will be showning strategies for Purchasing 4.0 and how LOGOMATE can be used to put it into practice.

Anja Globke at February 26 2020
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A woman in front of a trash can holds food in her hand.

Food waste reduced with LogoMate

Again and again, food ends up in waste because the best-before date has been exceeded. This is exactly what the logistics service provider Geyer Food Konzept wants to avoid. In its warehouse in southern Germany, The intelligent logistic software LOGOMATE from REMIRA ensures sustainable and automated inventory management: Thanks to precise forecasts and reliable monitoring of the durability data, the spoiling rate is dropped. At the same time, the company was able to increase its delivery capability to almost 99.8%.

Michael Milkowski at October 25 2019
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REMIRA Building Bochum

For 25 years simply better stocks

More than 600 installations with around 200 customers worldwide – The anniversary balance sheet of REMIRA is impressive. Launched in 1994 with a handful of employees, the Bochum-based statistics and AI expert is now one of the leading providers of intelligent inventory management and scheduling solutions. The REMIRA celebrates its birthday at the traditional customer day “Kings of Stock”, which this time takes place on November 7th in Dortmunder U and is under the motto “Transformation”. Among other things, REMIRA reviews 25 years of company history – and has a firm eye on the future.

Michael Milkowski at October 1 2019
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Warehouse with high shelves

Inventory management: 6 reasons why an ERP solution is not enough

Do I really need special inventory management software if I already have an ERP system in use? Many purchasing and supply chain managers still mistakenly believe that an ERP system and Excel are enough – saving on the wrong end. The question of the need for inventory management software is quite simple to answer: Do you value efficient and modern scheduling? If the answer is yes, it is important to rely on intelligent inventory management software. We explain this in our blog post.

Anja Globke at August 30 2019
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