Business success requires reliable planning figures and forecasts


REMIRA TIA A3 supports you as software for Sales & Operations Planning in all phases of product management with precise sales planning and forecasting. With TIA A3, you integrate the sales side into demand planning. This enables you to increase the sales success of your products and optimize planning and the entire procurement process - even in industries with fast-moving products.


Benefits in numbers

Up to
more turnover
Up to
time saving
Up to
cost reduction
Up to
less spoilage

Holistic Sales & Operations Planning

TIA A3 serves as the basis for resilient and holistic planning in your company. The software is based on our "Sales & Operations Planning" approach, which brings the relevant departments to the same table, resulting in reliable planning. All the information is analyzed and processed by the intelligent algorithms in TIA A3.

The goal when using TIA A3 is to create a perfect balance between supply and demand. Our software supports you in optimally exploiting existing market potential and resources. You can identify winners and losers in your portfolio at an early stage, avoid out-of-stock situations, and at the same time reduce your inventory levels through intelligent analysis and forecasting procedures.

By networking sales planning with SCM, purchasing and production planning, business decisions can be made on the basis of a valid database ("one-number") and much faster. Companies are thus enabled to react faster and more effectively to changes in the market with their entire value chain.

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"TIA A3 has allowed us to drastically speed up the purchasing process." Jonathan Gennequin, Global Sales Operations Manager at
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Higher availability of goods with simultaneous reduction of working capital

Certainity in the achievement of corporate goals

Holistic and integrated planning across all departments and processes

Reliable planning figures supported by AI-based forecasts

Modular solution for the entire S&OP process

TIA A3 Modules

Strategic Budget Planning

Rolling Demand Planning

Merchandise Planning

AI-based Forecasts


Dynamic Size Split

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