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With OUTPERFORM Planning, we  provide our customers with a solution that brings value to every level of your organization, enabling you to operate on the optimal balance between demand, supply and inventory. Our robust and easy-to-use S&OP software solution satisfies customers from around the world and in many different industries.

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innocent selected OUTPERFORM Planning to be an essential part of their supply chain and business strategy in 2013. OUTPERFORM provided them with an adaptable and configurable solution that allowed differing supply chain scenarios to be evaluated, seeing the impact of proposed changes across the network before they would be implemented in the physical world.

OUTPERFORM Planning has enabled...

  • a reduced time from production to consumer,
  • reduced waste,
  • creating a supply chain that is resilient to operational change experienced by a fast growing company.
Ella's Kitchen Logo
"From our very first conversation to embedding the new system within the business, we can honestly say that the team at OUTPERFORM have been amazing. As a result, we now have a new process which allows us to be more agile and efficient when it comes to managing the manufacturing and production of our products." Emily Juffs, Operations Manager at
Ella's Kitchen

Wilson Electronics

Wilson Electronics were challenged with managing inventory levels and complex bills of material with components that phase in and out of production. Many components have long lead times, adding uncertainty to the planning process. They faced this challenge using OUTPERFORM Planning as their solution for demand planning, supply planning and scheduling.

OUTPERFORM Planning has helped...

  • Optimize inventory and labor planning with heuristic driven supply planning
  • Level out peak months by building ahead
  • Benefit internal production and suppliers
  • Give better control of direct labor, positively impacting P&L
WILSON Electronics
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"OUTPERFORM Planning helps us get the right stock at the right moment, taking into account always-changing production and transport parameters. We can now make the optimal purchasing decisions at any given moment" Paul Mol, Purchaser at
Landport Batteries

Blommer Chocolate

In 2020, Blommer Chocolate Company selected OUTPERFORM Planning as their solution to manage demand & supply plans and to improve inventory management and customer service.

OUTPERFORM Planning helped...

  • Consolidate data from multiple sources,
  • Manage the demand plan,
  • Clear understanding of forward capacity requirements,
  • Drive a proactive, fact-based and data-driven Sales & Operations Planning process.
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"OUTPERFORM Planning provides transparency and visibility across our organization to the sales and operations planning process. We recouped our investment in implementing OUTPERFORM within 6 months of using it, saw a reduction in total inventory costs of 12% in our first year and reduced our distressed inventory by 50%." Christopher Long, VP of Supply Chain at
King & Prince Seafood
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"OUTPERFORM really covers all of our planning efforts from start in finish in one application. This has greatly helped us in creating coherent processes, resulting in improved supply chain performance. The solid software solution helped us in integrating supply chains and improving our supply chain agility to follow volatile demand." Arjan Gerritsen, Operations & Supply Chain Lead at
Royal Smilde

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