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OUTPERFORM PLANNING is a cloud-based Integrated Business Planning solution that covers your entire planning process. It balances supply & demand in real-time and provides you with a top-level overview at all times. Reduce costs, boost productivity, and drive your decision-making with OUTPERFORM PLANNING.

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Predicting threats and prescribing solutions

OUTPERFORM PLANNING provides both predictive and prescriptive analytics to help you identify key opportunities and threats in your supply chain and how to address them.

By categorizing your data in an easy-to-understand analysis, OUTPERFORM PLANNING helps you prioritize how to best spend your time. It ranks the opportunities and threats in order of importance based on their effect to the bottom line.

OUTPERFORM PLANNING shows you exactly how much money you can save. It shows you how much overtime is needed, how much will be produced, when the production should happen, and how much excess will be left after production has concluded.

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Fully integrated planning in one solution

OUTPERFORM PLANNING offers seamless integration with your ERP system or can be used standalone. It utilizes powerful algorithms to turn your historical data into a plan. By analyzing your history, OUTPERFORM PLANNING provides you with accurate forecasts that enable you to predict the future and power your strategy.

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OUTPERFORM PLANNING identifies issues and prioritizes changes that help you reduce out-of-stocks. It also finds out where there are inventory exceptions, shelf-life violations, scheduling conflicts, and excess inventory. It ensures that the right inventory for the right product is in the right place at the right time.

With OUTPERFORM PLANNING, everything is under one roof. No longer will your business need to keep a clutter of spreadsheets for your data or to send around for collaboration. It enables you to unify your planning team and improve collaboration by getting the perspectives of sales, marketing, and operations in-sync in one system.

Supply planning and scheduling


OUTPERFORM PLANNING allows for its replenishment engine, optimization engine, and heuristic engine to be combined based on requirements. In the Operation Plan, you can monitor demand, inventory, and supply in a single screen and as one dynamic network. Products can be categorized as a mix of produced, purchased, transferred and packaged.

The heuristic engine considers changeovers, batching, and QA hold times. This makes it a seamless handover from planning to scheduling. You can maximize usage of production lines and calculate scheduling conflicts from an easy Gantt Chart view. 

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Track trends

Identify trends and determine their influence on the sales history to predict influence on future sales.

Predict sales

Utilize forecasting to balance your inventory and power your strategy.


Quickly make changes to boost your bottom line by focusing on what will have the biggest impact.


Identify inventory exceptions, shelf-life constraints, scheduling conflicts, and excess inventory.


Scale faster using our ready-to-use workflows or create your own custom workflows to match your business operations.

Get started quick

Cloud-based and ready to go at the click of a button. No installations or hardware required to get started.

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"We chose REMIRA because of their deep experience across the software and food and beverage industries. Their solution OUTPERFORM Planning is intuitive and, critically for us, has shelf-life constraints at its core. We look forward to a long and successful partnership." Ed Nicholson, Programme Manager at



Detect seasonality and trends to be prescient of the future demand for your products.

Product lifecycle

Manage the product’s life, from the date it is introduced until it is phased out.

Virtual history

For new products or customers, have the ability to compose historical trends to predict the future with.


Drive volume growth in strategically selected product portfolios.


Maintain traceability and accountability with your colleagues.

Extensive documentation

OUTPERFORM provides helpful articles and videos, as well as in-app guides.

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