Software for Sales Forecasting

Get full transparency for markets of the future: Precise forecasts are an essential element for a successful company. Regardless of whether you are an SME or a corporate group - replenishment is largely determined by the quality of the sales forecast. Sales forecasting software uses artificial intelligence to create reliable forecasts of your sales and consumption, so that you can always fully satisfy your customers' demand. At the same time, tied-up capital, depreciation, wasted storage space and spoilage of goods are avoided.

Forecasting for enterprises

Forecasting software helps companies to better assess customer demand. To stay competitive and profitable in the competitive marketplace, companies must respond to demand with their supply. With the help of sales forecasting, companies achieve data-driven and objective insight and can make strategic decisions based on scientific methods.

Precise sales forecasts for optimal order quantities

Sales forecasts are used to determine market potential, market volume and market share. Good forecasts make a significant contribution to simplifying product planning and also to more sustainable production. Before a product launch, a sales forecast can be used to check the demand for the new product and thus prevent a poor market entry if necessary.

REMIRA software supports you in all phases of the product life cycle with precise forecasting and sales planning - even in fast-moving industries. In this way, you increase your planning accuracy, improve your procurement process and achieve a reduction in excess inventories.

Artificial intelligence in sales forecasting

The right quantities in the right place at the right time is the credo of optimal inventory management. However, this is only possible with reliable forecasts of your sales and consumption. It becomes problematic in the case of short-term changes, because production and delivery is a lengthy process overall. Precise sales forecasts must be made, especially for perishable products or for collections in the fashion sector. In order to be able to work as accurately as possible in planning, many companies are already relying on artificial intelligence and machine learning. In this way, market opportunities and market risks can be identified at an early stage and planned accordingly.

Reliable forecasts through predictive analytics are a decisive competitive advantage

Nowadays, the flow of goods and materials depends on numerous static and dynamic influences as well as the respective business model. Our sales forecasting software takes crucial factors into account and automatically generates an accurate sales forecast using artificial intelligence and sophisticated algorithms. This is the decisive basis for planning throughout your entire company. This means that not only replenishment, but also other departments such as purchasing or sales benefit from reliable figures. This results in reliable sales forecasts, optimal order quantities at the right time for all goods locations and branches, the right personnel planning and much more. This means that management can rely on the best forecasts in sales forecasts and make the right strategic decisions for your company.

What are the advantages of sales forecasting software?

The goal when using the software is to create a perfect balance between supply and demand. Our software helps you to make the most of existing market potential and resources.

  • Reliable sales forecasts for all your products
  • Early prediction of market developments
  • Consideration of seasonalities and other effects
  • Consideration of different sales channels and locations
  • Reliable forecasts enable optimal order quantities
  • Reliable figures for planning the company resources required in the future
  • Elimination of "emotional decisions" and less manual effort with Excel
  • Complex planning decisions are simplified by a reliable database
  • Reduction of capital commitment costs
  • Optimization of goods availability

Important features of software for sales forecasts

  • Display of flexible planning structures such as countries, sales channels, distribution channels and merchandise categories
  • AI-based forecasting methods for new and existing products
  • Flexible merchandise management through rolling planning and forecasting
  • Demand-driven procurement
  • Data-based analyses and evaluations
  • Central dashboard based on management-by-exception
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What are the requirements for implementing sales forecasting software?

It is important to have an existing database, which is usually provided by the use of an ERP or enterprise resource planning system. Our solutions are easily docked onto your existing ERP system. For this purpose, we use our existing connectivity tools, which enable us to connect to your ERP in an uncomplicated way via an interface. For example, if you use an SAP ERP in your company, this can be implemented without the need for additional SAP partners.

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Identify future sales at an early stage

REMIRA supply chain solutions for sales forecasts

Our software solutions for sales forecasting help you increase the success of your products and optimize planning and the entire procurement process. Using artificial intelligence, sales forecasts can be calculated very accurately - even for short-lived product cycles. This allows market opportunities and market risks to be calculated, giving companies a competitive edge.



TIA A3 enables efficient sales & operations planning and is the ideal tool for manufacturers and retailers in any industry with seasonal items and products with short product life cycles.


LOGOMATE is our AI-based inventory management tool for purchasing and replenishment. Intelligent sales forecasting enables optimal purchasing and replenishment of your goods from the warehouse to the store.