Save time and improve communication with REMIRA PRESET: The collaborative cloud tool for collection and assortment evaluation improves communication in the areas of design & development, purchasing and sales. 

PRESET running on a tablet

Fields of application

  • Design & Development
  • Purchase
  • Sales

Design & Development

PRESET in the design process

In the prototype and sample phase, PRESET helps you to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and potential of your developments at an early stage. This allows you to significantly reduce time-to-market while optimally adapting your portfolio to the needs of your market. PRESET thus enables optimal product management.


PRESET in the purchasing department

The results from PRESET identify winners and losers in your product portfolio. This provides your purchasing department with a qualitative data basis for operational planning of order quantities. The resulting assessment of product success helps in purchasing decision-making.


PRESET in the sales department

PRESET keeps sales up to date at all times. A glance at the app is enough to view all important and current information. Tedious and time-consuming communication via e-mails and long meetings are avoided. Feedback from sales is also stored in PRESET and thus provides design and purchasing with important information for upcoming products and orders.



All benefits at a glance


Less depreciation and higher turnover

Assessments result in strong and successful collections. Depreciation, spoilage and overstocks are thus significantly reduced and relieve the environment. In addition, the company gains valuable market knowledge through feedback from many different people. The improved forecasts result in higher turn-over overall.

Identify winners and losers

The comprehensive feedback in PRESET from inside and outside the company helps you identify winners and losers in your portfolio early on and act accordingly. This enables you to sustainably strengthen your collections in critical phases and at the same time decisively shorten the time-to-market.



Get directly started without hardware or IT requirements

The app can be quickly integrated into the company without additional hardware. At the same time, PRESET convinces with its simple and intuitive operation. All stakeholders are directly involved in the evaluation process and benefit from fast and direct communication. Thanks to cloud technology, all teams can also communicate easily worldwide.

Clear Reporting

All results are collected in a database and clearly presented. The reports show, for example, how the collection is received by sales staff, which items are at risk of being overstocked, or which items are strong and which are weak. In addition, a forecast is calculated for each item, which can be compared with the sales estimate. In this way, management can anticipate the expected success and possible failures in the collection even before the sales season begins.


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