Successful collections and assortments


With PRESET software, you can easily have your collections or assortments evaluated online by all stakeholders throughout the collection development process and the sales process. This allows prototypes to be discussed, order quantities to be determined and sales to be informed in real time about upcoming products.


Your benefits in numbers

Up to
less efforts in meetings while coordinating your assortment
Up to
shortened time-to-market by using PRESET
Up to
more turnover through an optimized portfolio

Assortment and collection evaluation in the cloud

Throughout the whole collection development process and the sales process, companies evaluate their portfolio to strengthen collection, assortments or designs and identify gaps as well as secure margins and price points. 

PRESET helps you manage these processes more efficiently and evaluate collections or concepts quickly and fashionably. Stakeholders are informed about designs and products in real time and can provide qualitative feedback. This way, you benefit from optimal communication and a significantly shortened time-to-market.

The results are immediately processed in a meaningful standard report so that decisions can be made about the number of items offered, whether to purchase samples, or whether to provide forecasts or reservations for the factories. 

Particularly in the case of new developments, estimating product success is associated with a high level of communication effort and uncertainty. PRESET provides you with reliable data to identify opportunities and potential in your product portfolio at an early stage.

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"The comparison of product estimates with the sales and margin target is a great support. PRESET's philosophy and functionalities have helped us to go in the right direction of digitalization." Eva Lisa Trieu, S&OP Manager at

How you benefit from PRESET


Significantly shortened product development

Worldwide team collaboration through cloud technology

Early identification of winning and losing products

Simplified communication in the evaluation process with all parties involved

Increased sales through improved forecasts

Easily gain valuable market insights from internal and external sources

Reduction of depriciations, spoilage and overstocks

Centralized documentation of assessments

No investment in hardware or IT resources required

Save time and gather feedback

Global collaboration with PRESET app of all involved teams on- and offline: Improved communication and more in- and external information ensure optimal design, purchasing and sales processes when developing new assortments or collections.

On- and offline 

The PRESET iPad app can be used on- and offline and enables all parties involved to easily evaluate the development of new assortments or collections during the design, purchasing and sales processes. 

Cloud ­funktionality

Thanks to its cloud functionality and making all data available in real time, PRESET facilitates collaboration between all teams worldwide and thus ensures improved communication. The data is stored in a central database on secure European servers.  

Ready to go

PRESET's simple administration enables a quick start without major implementation effort. The app can be downloaded from the Appstore and is immediately ready for use. The intuitive operation ensures a smooth start.
"In addition to being able to remove products from the collection early and quickly identify necessary changes, TOMS uses PRESET primarily to test the acceptance of different distribution channels for specific marketing styles." Yvonne Hulshoff, Supply Chain Manager at

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