Glossary: Terms from logistics and the supply chain

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ABC/XYZ analysis helps in the optimal evaluation and distribution of goods in the warehouse according to their relevance and predictive accuracy. It is a combination of ABC analysis and XYZ analysis. Thus, a company can classify the relevance of their products according to their who, their sales, as well as their expected consumption. A prioritization takes place thus on the basis of the economic importance.

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Automated Disposition

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Dock & Yard Management

With Dock & Yard Management, planning, implementation and control of delivery traffic on the plant premises can be managed and optimally coordinated.

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Logistics Service Provider

Companies that provide logistics services for other companies are known as logistics service providers. Their services usually go far beyond the classic transportation of goods.

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Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics includes a wide range of statistical methods that analyze current and historical data to predict future, unknown events.

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The primary task of replenishment is to manage material flows and inventories so that all orders are reliably delivered on the agreed date at minimum cost. To this end, all tasks to be completed are distributed to the available resources.

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Retail in the functional sense refers to the sale of goods directly to the end consumer (business-to-customer, B2C); in the institutional sense, the term retail includes all companies operating in B2C.

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Sales & Operations Planning

Sales & Operations Planning describes the holistic approach within a company in which the operational business is managed from the order intake. The process links the various business units and their individual targets with each other in order to fully exploit the existing market potential.

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Sample Stocktaking

With sample stocktaking, only a small part of the inventory is counted on the basis of samples, rather than the entire inventory. Depending on the size and nature of the warehouse, the counting effort can be reduced by an average of 95%.

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A stock keeping unit, or SKU for short, is a storage unit that can be uniquely identified by a code and is stored in a company's system.

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Stock reduction

Stock reduction aims to eliminate excess stock from the warehouse, effectively freeing up space in the warehouse and making the best use of existing capacity.

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Warehouse Management

Warehouse management is an important part of merchandise management and describes all processes for managing goods within the warehouse. This includes, among other things, control, organization and monitoring of the individual processes from goods receipt to storage and goods issue.

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Wholesale includes companies that supply retail and commercial customers with large quantities of consumer goods. The large purchase volumes ensure that the wholesaler can obtain the consumer goods at low prices.

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