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Our add-ons for the module can help you address specific needs. These include planning for receiving goods, calculating promotional offers, accounting for external factors like weather conditions and organizing capacity and production planning. 

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LM arrive

Avoid traffic jams at the receiving dock: With LM Arrival, you can optimize your receiving operations, avoid bottlenecks at the gates and efficiently utilize your employees.

LM capa

LM capa enables demand-driven planning of staff and machine utilization and ensures the best possible use of warehouse space.

LM meteo

To keep shelves stocked and weather-related sales peaks covered, LM meteo integrates current weather forecasts into the order forecast.

LM mobile

With LM mobile, you have all inventory and order data at your fingertips, whether in the warehouse or at the POS. Now you can also use it as an app solution for all common tablets.

LM promo

The LM promo module ensures successful promotions and satisfied customers. Optimal availability is guaranteed even during the promotion period.

LM push

The LM Push Distribution module is the ideal tool for demand-driven distribution of remnant, one-off and seasonal items.

LM vmi

Supply your customers optimally with the VMI system in LOGOMATE. The software is ideally prepared for use as a Vendor Managed Inventory System, giving you a competitive edge.

LM msp

LM msp helps you optimize the distribution of your inventory across all stores and warehouses with multi-echelon optimization. This allows you to distribute your inventory more intelligently across your network.

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