LOGOMATE ensures optimal stock

Features and Technology

LOGOMATE provides you with optimal sales forecasts and replenischment decisions. The intelligent AI analyzes past data, future promotions and many other factors, leading to the optimal distribution of goods from the central warehouse to the store.


Highest performance in calculation and forecasting

Calculating forecasts and order suggestions for all your goods, warehouses and stores generates immense amounts of data. This is where LOGOMATE benefits from PentaSpeed technology, which is continuously developed and optimized by our performance team. The inventory management and inventory controlling software uses statistical forecasting methods and artificial intelligence to find the optimal sales forecast and order suggestions. Even 100 million SKUs are no problem for LOGOMATE's calculation. 

Supply Chain Management for an optimal purchase 

LOGOMATE is the software for modern and digitalized logistics. Improve all processes along the supply chain - both internally and externally. With only one software you optimize inventory management, supplier management and the planning of resources and capacities. Through our flexible add-ons, you expand the standard version of the logistics software with additional functions that facilitate your supply chain management.  

Easily integrated into any ERP system 

LOGOMATE can be fully and easily integrated into your IT system - whether in the cloud or on-premises. 

In doing so, our inventory optimization software can be connected to all common ERP systems. In this way, the data relevant for the software is automatically imported and orders and reports are subsequently output again.

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Efficient replenishment with LOGOMATE means an optimal balance between sales, purchasing conditions, production conditions as well as inventory costs. Fast-moving items and new items are stocked in an appropriate quantity to ensure maximum delivery capability at all times.


LOGOMATE's automated ABC/XYZ analysis provides you with full transparency over your assortment.

Sales Forecasts

LOGOMATE uses intelligent AI-based algorithms for reliable sales forecasts.

Supplier Management

Not all delivery dates can always be met. Keep an overview and react before it comes to out-of-stock.


The LOGOMATE Dashboard guides you through the daily replenishment routine and shows you directly where and how to act.


Automatic replenishment with LOGOMATE from the central warehouse to the store.

Reporting & Controlling

Comprehensive reporting with reliable figures is crucial for managing your business.

Learn how successful companies optimize their purchasing with LOGOMATE.

Extend the functionality with optimal modules

Extend the functionality of your software with additional module add-ons. Our numerous modules help you to solve special requirements, e.g. planning of incoming goods, calculations of promotions, consideration of external influences like weather data or capacity and production planning.


Planning of incoming goods


Planning capacities


Integrad weather forecasts


Mobile app


Advanced promotions module


Residuals and one-off distribution

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