LOGOMATE: Increase sales with optimal stock levels  


LOGOMATE does not just help you with sales planning and replenishment across all your warehouses and stores. The AI-driven sales forecasts it provides gives your company a significant competitive advantage. 

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Precise Forecasts

LOGOMATE's sales forecasts are incredibly accurate and calculate the optimal order quantity and order time. The software's PentaSpeed technology ensures optimal forecasting and order recommendations for all products, warehouses and stores. Thanks to the accuracy of the sales forecasts, you can enjoy increased planning reliability.

Optimal Stock

LOGOMATE also helps you maintain optimal inventory levels, with up to 25% less inventory in your warehouse and zero out-of-stock situations. You can easily simulate planning decisions and take advantage of dynamic safety stock. With LOGOMATE's automatic seasonal and trend recognition capabilities, manual effort is greatly reduced.

Higher Working Quality

With LOGOMATE, your employees can now focus on the activities that matter most while the technology handles the monotonous tasks. This leads to a significant increase in efficiency, productivity and overall quality of work. In fact, LOGOMATE reduces manual replenishment tasks by up to 75%, freeing up your employees' time for more important tasks. LOGOMATE can reduce manual replenishment tasks by up to 75%!

Less Spoilage

Finally, LOGOMATE helps minimize spoilage by scheduling goods with earlier expiration dates to leave the warehouse first. The software creates a list based on expiration dates that predicts which items are unlikely to sell before they expire. Retailers can take preventative measures early on, resulting in lower spoilage rates.

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"Shortly after implementing LOGOMATE, delivery performance improved." Christian Lindner, Team Lead Replenishment at
ATP Auto-Teile-Pöllath Handels GmbH

More benefits of LOGOMATE

More than 25 years in use

Powerful in-memory technology

Individually configurable interface

On-premises or in the cloud

Modular extensibility

Free updates

Compatible with every ERP/WWS

Many available language options

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"LOGOMATE saves us a massive amount of time." Matthias Lindner, Logistics Manager at
Alnatura Produktions- und Handels GmbH

Fields of Application


Having a steady supply of goods is crucial for any retail business, whether it's in-store or online. The retail industry is fiercely competitive, so having LOGOMATE by your side can give you an edge over your competition.  


When it comes to wholesale, there are several factors that need to be closely monitored, such as delivery reliability, capital commitment, and storage capacity. LOGOMATE provides you with order suggestions that optimize your inventory management, making it much more efficient. 


Manufacturing companies benefit from LOGOMATE's intelligent inventory optimization for their raw materials. With the optional APS module, you can expand LOGOMATE into a software that allows for forecast-based production planning, providing even more value to your business

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