Intelligent Inventory Management


Less effort, more sales: Thanks to artificial intelligence and mathematical algorithms, REMIRA’s LOGOMATE inventory management software calculates optimal demand & sales figures, provides ordering and replenishment suggestions, and enables optimal distribution of your goods.  

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Forecasting and replenishment made easy

To ensure a seamless procurement process and efficient logistics, a considerable amount of information needs to be quickly processed and accurately interpreted. Our intelligent software solution helps you deliver the perfect sales forecast for all your products. 

Whether you are running a single central warehouse or a complex network of regional warehouses and stores, LOGOMATE has got you covered. Our advanced software can calculate optimal demand and sales figures, making suggestions for ordering and scheduling, and facilitating efficient distribution of your goods. 

LOGOMATE gives you the freedom to define your own product availability and distribution strategy. Whether you want to schedule full trucks to minimize CO² emissions, get the best supplier terms, or reduce spoilage, our logistics software has what you need. So, sit back, relax and let LOGOMATE take care of your logistics. 

Gain a strategic advantage over your competitors with LOGOMATE 

Our innovative technology gives your company a significant advantage in purchasing and replenishment. Reliable sales forecasts and automated order suggestions are the driving force behind success. Many well-known companies have already achieved remarkable results with our state-of-the-art AI-based software solution. 

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"LOGOMATE brought Fressnapf a leap in efficiency in scheduling: time savings, inventory reduction, high delivery capability and process optimization." Michael Seisoff, Head of Supply Chain Management at

Your benefits with REMIRA LOGOMATE

With REMIRA LOGOMATE, you gain several advantages. Our top priority is to ensure that the right quantity of goods is at the right place at the right time, which we achieve through optimized inventory management. Thanks to LOGOMATE's accurate sales forecasts and comprehensive order suggestions, it quickly becomes an invaluable addition to your team. 

Accurate forecasting

Optimal inventory

Higher quality of work

Less spoilage

Features & Technology

Efficient replenishment is crucial for maintaining an optimal balance between sales, purchasing conditions, production conditions and inventory costs. With LOGOMATE, achieving this balance is easier than ever before. We make sure that fast-moving items and new products are stocked in the right quantities to always ensure maximum deliverability. Trust us with your replenishment needs and we will make sure you get the most out of your inventory. 



Supplier Management



Reporting & Controlling

Extend the functionalities of LOGOMATE with further modules:

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"Shortly after implementing LOGOMATE, delivery performance improved." Christian Lindner, Team Lead Replenishment at
ATP Auto-Teile-Pöllath Handels GmbH

LOGOMATE Related Services 

Updates and service hotline included

At REMIRA, we understand the importance of reliable and robust software solutions for your business challenges. That is why we offer our customers the certainty of long-term use by providing regular updates with new features and improvements. This ensures that our digital logistics software LOGOMATE is always up to date. 

Our commitment to customer satisfaction does not end with updates. REMIRA’s support hotline is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and always ready to help your company successfully plan with LOGOMATE. 

Available in over 10 languages

We offer customized service packages tailored to your exact business needs. LOGOMATE is available in over 10 different languages, so that our worldwide customers can use the software in their preferred language.

Extensive training package

To ensure efficient use of our software, we provide comprehensive training packages that include basic, advanced and refresher courses, as well as specialized courses for specific strategies or various positions within the company. We believe that a well-designed and well-communicated training program is essential to our customers' success and we are committed to providing just that.

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