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Discover the advantages of sample stocktaking. With REMIRA STATCONTROL Cloud is simple, efficient and intuitive to use. 


Benefits overview

With sample stocktaking, instead of counting the entire stock, only a small sample is needed. Depending on the size and nature of the warehouse, the time spent counting can be reduced by an average of up to 99%.  

Cost reduction

By reducing the required counting effort, the software reduces labour and costs. It also eliminates the need to train and pay non-warehouse personnel.

High time savings

Ideally, you only need to count 1% of your inventory which is a massive reduction in required counting effort.

Error minimization

When less inventory is counted, fewer errors occur. In addition, sample counts do not take as long as full counts, so they do not put staff under unnecessary time pressure. Because the counting is carried out by people who know the inventory situation, you get reliable results.

No frustration for employees

Stocktaking is usually associated with a lot of stress and frustration. It is an unpopular task that few employees like to do. With STATCONTROL Cloud, stocktaking can be done in just a few hours - so your staff can quickly get back to their usual tasks.

Transparency and inventory security

The statistical methods can also be used for inventory checks during the year to further improve inventory quality.

Avoid warehouse closures and production stops

Inventory planning and organizing is simplified with STATCONTROL Cloud. As a result, warehouse closures and production stops can be avoided and daily operations are not disrupted.

"STATCONTROL Cloud intuitively guides the user from getting to know the product for the first time, to selecting the appropriate procedure and performing the count, all the way to the certified stocktaking result. We were also more than satisfied with the cooperation with our REMIRA colleagues, everything was implemented as discussed!" Andy Kowark, Materials Management Manager at

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