Software for automatic replenishment

Acting on gut instinct is no longer enough given the complex requirements of modern replenishment. Procurement software helps to direct material flows and inventories so that all orders can be reliably completed. REMIRA offers you such intelligent software for automated procurement.

Ordering and replenishment made easy

The increasingly complex daily business often leaves companies too little time to deal intensively with precise sales planning and efficient replenishment. Valuable potential for increasing sales and returns and for achieving decisive competitive advantages therefore often remains untapped. The numerous different influencing factors can hardly be overviewed without software. Automated procurement not only reduces the workload, but also lowers spoilage and out-of-stock situations. 

REMIRA procurement software helps you to quickly master the challenges that arise. You can easily implement the optimal stocking strategies for your products. Do you want to reduce your stocks or increase the service level for your product groups? With procurement software from REMIRA, you can always ensure optimal product availability and reduce replenishment costs to maximize return on investment.

Never again Excel or any other spreadsheet

As your merchandise portfolio grows, at some point it becomes impossible to order and distribute merchandise manually. This is where a regular spreadsheet reaches its limits and is also very error-prone. You need an optimized system that supports you in ordering so that you can supply your customers comprehensively. In addition, you always have all important data available at a glance and are not specifically dependent on individual employees or confusing Excel spreadsheets.

What are the advantages of automatic replenishment software?

Procurement software takes over routine ordering processes and recognizes trends or structural breaks at an early stage. If action is required, the scheduler is informed (management-by-exception). This saves time and money and the MRP controller can concentrate on value-added and strategic tasks such as supplier and assortment management. The software calculates sales forecasts and uses them to determine order quantities and order times. Automatic demand management and the procurement organization ensure constant availability or delivery capability with simultaneous stock reduction. Dynamic safety stock is determined on the basis of fluctuations in demand or sales, seasonal influences and the economic significance of an article.

Advantages of automatic replenishment at a glance:

  • No reactionary approach, but consideration of the future
  • Automatic consideration of seasonal fluctuations or recognition of seasonal and regional trends
  • Intelligent mathematical algorithms instead of simple averaging methods
  • Improved planning accuracy
  • Integrated filling and replenishment
  • Definition of service level and delivery capability (incl. consideration of outages such as supplier vacation)
  • Inventory control according to ABC/XYZ criterion or margin
  • Early warning system and to-do lists: Dispatchers do not have to search for trends and tasks, but receive them automatically.
  • Automation of routine processes
  • Controlling for inventory and replenishment. Transparency through selection at all levels (location, client, article group, individual article, supplier, sales channel, clerk, ...)
  • Simulation of inventory-effective measures

What are the requirements for the implementation of a replenishment software?

Our solutions are easily docked onto your existing ERP system. For this purpose, we use our existing connectivity tools, which enable us to connect to your ERP in an uncomplicated way via an interface. For example, if you use an SAP ERP in your company, this can be implemented without the need for additional SAP partners.

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Ensure optimal replenishment processes

Our software solutions for automatic replenishment help to significantly reduce the workload of your company's purchasing department. The software takes over routine ordering processes and helps to optimally invest in materials and goods in order to generate the maximum return for the company. This allows the MRP controller to concentrate on decision-relevant and strategic tasks.

Automation in replenishment

Purchasing software specifically displays those cases where action is required. Thanks to the linking of stocks, requirements and sales forecasts, replenishment is controlled specifically according to the respective requirements. Stocks that are optimally aligned with the respective demand ensure lower costs and higher yields. The time-consuming manual processing of order proposals is eliminated with automatic replenishment software.

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"LOGOMATE brought Fressnapf a leap in efficiency in scheduling: time savings, inventory reduction, high delivery capability and process optimization." Michael Seisoff, Head of Supply Chain Management at

REMIRA supply chain solutions for automatic replenishment 



LOGOMATE is the intelligent replenishment solution for companies in any industry, from SMEs to large corporations. Intelligent sales forecasts and order proposals allow easy replenishment of all your goods.

Discover your advantages with LOGOMATE purchasing software

Improve supplier relations

Optimal warehouse management includes strategic supplier management. LOGOMATE helps you to find the right suppliers and to bind them to the company.

Analyze stocks optimally

With the sophisticated inventory controlling you bring your inventory management to a new level. Thanks to the fully automated condition analysis, you reduce your stock and increase your liquidity.

Create space and save money

The LOGOMATE MRP software supports you in avoiding shortages. Calculate the optimal stock level automatically and use existing warehouse capacities in the best possible way.

Calculate safety stock

With LOGOMATE you avoid unpredictable changes in goods receipts or disruptions in the supply chain. The MRP software calculates safety stocks and protects you from uncertainties.