Software for supplier integration

The digitalization of the supply chain continues to advance. This also requires digital interfaces to your trading partners. Because communication and data exchange with all suppliers should happen in real time and with as many suppliers as possible. REMIRA provides you with the necessary platform for integrating your suppliers.

Supplier integration - whether with EDI software or without EDI

REMIRA offers you with SUPPLIERCOLLABORATION.NET a software portal for optimal digital communication. We are a long-standing provider of supply chain solutions and supply you with both EDI software (Electronic Data Interchange) and EDI alternatives for the full digital integration of your suppliers. This optimizes the communication between your trading partners and your own logistics, manual errors can be avoided and you benefit from maximum overview and transparency in purchasing and logistics.

In our supplier portal, you can digitize your entire supplier communication. This applies to orders, order confirmations, shipping notifications at package level, track-and-trace of the delivery status through to time window planning or even master data maintenance on the shipper side. Of course, this includes the simple connection of our cloud solution to your existing ERP solution.

How are suppliers connected to a portal?

REMIRA supply chain solutions for supplier collaboration are operated in the cloud and are connected to your existing ERP system. The implementation via interface takes place unproblematically by our competent consulting team and usually does not require the use of additional IT service providers.

Each of your trading partners receives its own access with its specific information. They benefit from the elimination of complex connections to their IT, as they can access the portal from any PC with Internet access. If you have an existing EDI solution, it can also be docked into the REMIRA solutions via the EDI interface.

What are the advantages of software for electronic data exchange?

The elimination of postal, fax or e-mail traffic in favor of electronic procurement usually results in considerable advantages for all parties involved in terms of costs, transparency and time. The use of such systems for electronic data exchange creates many advantages in supplier management:

  • Overview and traceability of all open orders creates new transparency
    You benefit from maximum transparency regarding all current and future orders, deliveries, documents and invoices. On a digital platform, several employees and partners of one have access to the information they need. If an employee is absent due to illness or vacation, colleagues can immediately view all necessary details for the respective order. 
  • Standardization reduces errors and saves time
    Standardizing your communication also reduces errors at contact points while ensuring easy data exchange to linked systems. Benefit from predefined labels for more efficient goods receipt.
  • Optimized supplier management
    With a supplier collaboration platform, collaboration between your purchasing, logistics, accounting and supplier departments is intensified. 
  • Real-time information
    All important information is available in real time. In combination with inventory management solutions, you can request information from your trading partner on a day-by-day basis.
  • Reduction of errors and time spent at the goods receiving department
    If the goods have already been labeled and recorded in the system at the time of shipment, you save yourself the tedious, manual goods receiving process and know directly which delivery is currently at the ramp.
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"We were looking for a web EDI solution, but then realized that more is possible with the same integration effort and lower price. That was ultimately the deciding factor for choosing SUPPLIERCOLLABORATION.NET!" Gerd Sailer, Purchasing Manager at
KW automotive GmbH

REMIRA Supplier Collaboration Tools for efficient supplier management

REMIRA is an experienced supplier for supply chain solutions and provides you with the optimal tools for supply chain management. Our cloud software for supplier integration covers all requirements for a future-proof and reliable tool. Your company will also benefit from our competent integration team for fast and efficient implementation of the project including connection to your ERP.


The efficient cloud SaaS tool to easily connect all your suppliers, with or without EDI.

When thinking about the electronic exchange of documents between companies and their suppliers, the introduction of an EDI system is often the first proposed solution. However, this electronic connection between two companies is usually complex and expensive. And especially small companies and medium-sized enterprises often cannot cope with it. They need a less complex solution that also enables partners without their own EDI system to participate in the digital processes of purchasing.

SUPPLIERCOLLABORATION.NET enables simple and efficient processes and optimal communication between your company and all its suppliers. Digitize your ordering and delivery process quickly and easily! You benefit from low integration effort and have no need for IT infrastructure on the side of your trading partners - especially compared to classic EDI. But also the integration of an EDI system is possible.

In addition to connecting your suppliers via Web-EDI, we can implement the mapping and complete management of your EDI connection as a full-service EDI provider. Thereby all EDI partners, no matter if customer or supplier, are connected to your ERP software via a stable interface. SUPPLIERCOLLABORATION.NET supports all EDI message and protocol types.