Warehouse management for trade, industry and logistics 


With REMIRA DILOS you get a modern warehouse management system that helps you optimize your warehouses. The intelligent software creates the ideal basis for operating your warehouse and supports retailers, manufacturers and logistics service providers with a tried and tested complete package.


Up to
faster lead time of your goods
A full
compatibility with your warehouse hardware and software
Up to
fewer errors and mistakes in your warehousing process

All  features included as standard

Benefit from the all-in-one package

Our DILOS warehouse software covers your entire warehouse management process and ensures optimal use of your logistics resources. Instead of costly and confusing modules, DILOS comes as a complete package! 

  • All WMS features included in the standard package
  • Flexible, scalable, and adaptable to any warehouse structure
  • 100% release-capable, even with customisation
  • Flexible integration with your existing IT infrastructure 
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The warehouse is the heart of a retail company. Regardless of whether you are a retailer, wholesaler or mail order company: efficient, fast and lean processes are a prerequisite for your success. DILOS provides retailers with the optimal toolkit that includes all required interfaces to the ERP system, online store or shipping service provider. 


Manufacturing companies need optimal merchandise management to ensure a smooth production process. DILOS has all the features needed by the industry to ensure exactly that. With our WMS system, you have maximum transparency over your components, intermediate products and final products. This saves you a lot of time in handling your goods. 


As a modern logistics company, you need a warehouse management system to meet the growing demands of your customers. DILOS was originally developed for exactly this purpose and is therefore the first choice of forwarding agencies and contract logistics companies for efficiently managing customer goods in the warehouse. 

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"The wide range of functions and the flexibility that the software offers convinced us very quickly. DILOS has everything we need for our full-service warehouse logistics. This means that we can completely fulfill the wishes of our customers at all times." Manuel Forte, Warehouse Manager at
Ziegler Logistik GmbH

Your benefits with REMIRA DILOS

For more than 20 years, DILOS has been used successfully in a wide variety of industries. The warehouse management system is perfectly adapted to the requirements of logistics service providers. Together with its customers, DILOS has continuously been developed further. Whether a newcomer to the field of logistics services or an internationally established player - DILOS is the right solution for all users. 

Shortened lead times

Minimal error rates

Inventory management without paper records

Maximum transparency

Higher efficiency

Mulit-client capability

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"We have also had a connection programmed in DILOS for the storage of hazardous materials to the hazard prevention center and the local fire department so that daily updated reports on the detailed inventory are sent to them automatically. This allows us to ensure that the fire department knows exactly which hazardous materials are stored at which location – at any time." Tobias Kappelmann, Team Manager Warehouse Logistics at
Fenthol & Sandtmann GmbH

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