REMIRA DILOS - The All-in-One Warehouse Management Software 


Whether you are a logistics service provider, retailer or manufacturer:  DILOS offers you all the functions you need in a modern warehouse management system.

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Flexible and efficient

Our warehouse management system is the foundation of your warehouse operations. The software supports retailers, producers and logistics service providers with the optimal all-in-one package. DILOS is continuously developed and improved based on the wishes of our numerous customers. 

Digital processes and modern division of labor

As an inventory management system, REMIRA DILOS takes care of mapping and managing the relationship between your inventory and its associated storage locations. This creates transparency, helps avoid picking errors and reduces lead times. REMIRA DILOS provides all the essential warehouse management functions in one package and integrates seamlessly with your other IT systems. 
The system is flexible, scalable and can support multiple clients, adapting to any warehouse structure. Additionally, DILOS can be integrated into any system environment thanks to its intelligent standard interfaces and our team’s extensive project experience. DILOS has already been successfully implemented in numerous companies, connecting to all common Enterprise Resource Planning systems as well as the ERP systems of logistics service provider customers. 

Feature overview

With DILOS, you get a warehouse management system that you can always count on.

Goods receipt


Outgoing goods & shipping

Master data



Warehouse activity monitor

Reports & controlling

DILOS for logistics service providers

Originally developed for a logistics outsourcing project, DILOS is now the optimal warehouse management system for 3PL providers. Today, our warehouse software is the benchmark for all industries, including project logistics, event agencies, and freight forwarders. It doesn't matter if you store textiles, food, automotive products, or other goods for your customers - DILOS is adaptable to meet your specific needs! 

Optimal warehouse management for 3PL providers

DILOS provides the technological basis for operating your warehouse for multiple customers. The standard software already includes all the essential WMS functions you need. Additionally, you can benefit from our experienced consulting and support team who understand the unique needs of 3PL providers. This makes the software flexible and easy to customize to your specific requirements. DILOS can be implemented fast, enabling you to quickly get your warehouse up and running optimally. 

 Key benefits of DILOS for 3PL providers include: 

  • Unlimited client and sub-client capacity
  • Flexible customer connection to warehouse management via interface or our web portal
  • Mapping of added values
  • Integrated workforce management for performance measurement and project costing
  • Invoicing with daily comparison of transaction data and simulation of different conditions
  • Independent setup of clients, reports, etc.
  • Flexible licensing for seasonal and peak workloads 

These features allow for easy customization and implementation of the software, providing you with the tools you need to effectively manage your client’s warehouses.  

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"We have noticed a massive acceleration in throughput time in goods receipt and picking. We have been able to reduce supplier complaints and errors at goods receipt and goods issue; on average, there are fewer than 10 errors for around 10,000 items per week. We can quickly train new employees with DILOS thanks to the clear and well-defined process specifications." Michael Ochmann, Authorized signatory and logistics manager at
Nerlich & Lesser KG

DILOS for trade

Maintain an overview and benefit from short lead times in your warehouse with DILOS. Many retailers rely on the performance of our warehouse management system, which offers solutions for all your business needs. It includes all necessary interfaces such as ERP, online shops, shipping service providers and more. 

Highlights of DILOS for wholesale, retail, and mail order businesses include: 

  • Best lead times in benchmark tests while minimizing errors
  • Seamless inventory management down to batch or break-off quantities
  • Counter processing and monitoring for pick-up customers
  • Returns processing
  • Optimized shipping and e-commerce processing, such as packing and shipping with delivery note or packaging suggestion 

DILOS for manufacturers

Manufacturing companies have specific requirements for warehouse management software to ensure optimal goods management and a smooth production process. Our WMS system provides maximum visibility of components, intermediate and end products, saving you time in handling your goods and streamlining your production process. 

Key software features for the industry include: 

  • Wide range of organization options, from individual components to finished products and from full, mixed, or broken pallets to individual yogurt pots.
  • Consistent batch management
  • Kanban system
  • Condition management, such as painted or unpainted products
  • Production module including fulfilment control and calendar-based planning
  • Loading and shipping management 

More functionalities in DILOS

At REMIRA, we believe in keeping things simple. Our software is delivered as a complete package, including all the WMS functionality you require for successful warehouse management.  DILOS has already been implemented in numerous companies, connecting to all common inventory management systems as well as ERP systems of logistics service provider customers. 

  • Stocktaking
  • Labelling
  • Supplier portal


DILOS covers all aspects of inventory management, offering functions for full, continuous and annual stocktaking, as well as the option for sample stocktaking. 
More about stocktaking systems


Delivery notes, invoices and labels can be printed for all major carriers. Customers can then track the status of their shipment through Track & Trace on 

Supplier portal

The functions of DILOS can be complemented with SUPPLIERPORTAL.NET. This SaaS solution allows for the electronic mapping of the entire ordering and delivery process, including labelling. This enables the digitization of communication between purchasing, suppliers, and logistics, streamlining the entire workflow. 


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