Forecast-based production planning


Efficient production planning with REMIRA APS: Our software for production planning supports your planning process up to the detailed planning. This ensures optimal capacity utilization and on-time completion at all times. Thanks to the intelligent forecasting engine, you already know how much you need to produce before your customers order.


Up to
better resource utilization throughout production
Up to
lower inventories of raw materials and finished products
Up to
delivery reliability thanks to reliable demand forecasts

Fully integrated production planning at the highest level

Nowadays, manufacturing companies are under high cost and time pressure. At the same time, they must distinguish themselves through high reliability and the greatest possible flexibility. REMIRA APS combines these requirements within one application. With ingenious algorithms, APS brings together all planning data centrally and helps to stay one step ahead of the competition in order to successfully compete in highly competitive markets.

APS is a complex simulation tool that combines rough and detailed planning to optimize procurement, production and replenishment. It can be used universally for all types of production and enables end-to-end planning from the sales order to the raw material order to the delivery of the finished product. Even situations in which raw materials have to be ordered long before customer orders become known are optimally controlled by linking capacity planning and requirements forecasts.

Efficiency across all production stages

Thanks to reduced throughput and setup times, APS results in a reduction in production times as well as production costs. Personnel planning benefits from an optimization of employee deployment and peak loads can be distributed in a targeted manner to less busy periods. Production downtimes and overstocks are avoided just as effectively as delays and out-of-stock situations thanks to intelligent planning with APS. Automatic or manual capacity smoothing for up to 24 months is possible across all production stages.

Your benefits with REMIRA APS

REMIRA APS is an end-to-end solution tailored to the customer's specific requirements and covering all production stages. In this way, it creates the most realistic possible representation of the entire supply chain from the raw material supplier to the end consumer. 

Completion on schedule

Optimal utilization of all resources

Reduced production costs

Avoidance of production downtimes

"The smooth process happens automatically in the background and provides the necessary planning reliability in the company, even in stressful situations, because we can rely on the data from LOGOMATE. In addition, the main goal of preventing out-of-stock situations was realized quickly and without any problems." Hans-Christian Gehrmann, Inside Sales Manager at

Features & Technology

Forecast-based production planning combines the capabilities of an APS system with LOGOMATE's intelligent forecasting engine. The most important features at a glance:

Demand-based personnel planning taking into account qualification

Shift planning and time recording

Utilization planning of all machines

Capacity smoothing across all production stages

Capacity reservation

Visualization of warehouse utilization

Storage space optimization

Calculation of warehouse capacities

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