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      With PAYMENT, REMIRA is a payment service provider for for brick and mortar and e-commerce. REMIRA's customers benefit from an integrated solution and a single point of contact for all their cash register, payment and other related issues.

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      Using all channels and methods for payment

      With REMIRA PAYMENT, we close the gap between cash register providers and payment with a wide range of payment service providers. It allows you to accept payments through a variety of channels. This includes POS terminals, mobile terminals, SMART POS terminals (REMIRA INSTORE App), ec network operation, transactions & clearing as well as payment methods such as debit cards, credit cards, purchase on account, PayPal, etc.


      Advantages of REMIRA Payment

      All terminals have already been accepted and integrated into the checkout point of integration

      Single point of contact for all checkout issues reduces stress and downtime

      Full transparency of all bookings and devices at the POS in real time

      Real-time hardware monitoring reduces downtime and service calls

      Mobile checkout and payment on the floor in combination with the REMIRA INSTORE app

      Provides detailed reporting for a seamless process from pay to close

      Enable omnichannel payments with Acquiring and PSP

      Attractive terms and conditions and German Commercial Code (HGB) contracts

      Features & Compatibility


      Multiple connected store systems

      Including gambio, Presta Shop, opencart und shopware

      Detailed dashboard reporting

      Query all individual, branch and total sales at any time and receive daily reports, including posting suggestions and reconciliation of cash and bank sales.

      All major payment methods integrated

      These include MasterCard, VISA, Klarna, PayPal and many more.

      Payment-Terminals are included

      All terminals are already accepted and integrated into the POS interface. There is no cost to you.

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