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      REMIRA PAYMENT is the integrated solution that maps stationary card payment transactions at the point of sale and in online commerce and supports you in processing your payment transactions - online and offline.

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      Benefits overview

      Single point of contact

      Benefit from our REMIRA support hotline instead of searching for the cause at the cash register, terminal, bank, etc. Our single point of contact provides a quick resolution to sudden problems. This reduces stress and downtime for all your POS and payment issues.

      Approved terminals

      All terminals are already approved and integrated into the POS interface. These include devices from ingenico, Verifone, PAX and Newland NPT.

      Real-time monitoring

      For the payment process between POS and terminal, payment can be queried in our online portal. Payment cancellations or possible double payments can be queried independently or via support. This allows you to assist you cashiers quickly and efficiently with customer payment issues.

      Full transparency

      In addition to real-time access to the TMS (Terminal Management System), you get a direct view of real-time transaction data and can query terminal data at any time.

      Mobile cashing

      You can easily implement your payment transactions directly in the customer's store in combination with our REMIRA INSTORE app. That means no queuing for your customers and a convenient checkout for you.

      Detailed reporting

      From payment to accounting: REMIRA PAYMENT provides you with detailed reporting for a continuous process from start to finish. This means that you always have an overview of all important data!

      Omnichannel payment

      REMIRA PAYMENT offers PSP & Acquiring made by own hand and with own flexible terminal. This allows you to process all types of payments across all channels. Example: Purchase from the web store, return to the store and receive a refund using your original payment method.

      Attractive terms and conditions

      With us, there are no one-time interface costs and no surprises when it comes to international contract clauses. Our prices are easy to understand and transparent, and all our contracts are based on the German Commercial Code.

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