REMIRA TIA A3 Software


S&OP software TIA A3 supports you in all phases of product management with precise sales planning and forecasting - even in industries with fast-moving products.

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Benefits at a glance


Digital and automated processes without Excel spreadsheets: TIA A3 is a specialized S&OP software that enables a networked, transparent and cross-departmental process and reduces manual work.

Less depreciation

Reduction of the residual stock ratio and thus of depreciation losses (residual stock in the case of seasonal goods, for example, should be reduced).


Better communication and resilient planning enables holistic and integrated operations across all departments and processes.

Target figures

Reliable target figures and forecasts ensure business success and shorten response times in the event of plan changes.

Reducing capital commitment

Reduction costs of capital commitment through lower inventories with simultaneous optimization of goods availability

Management by Exception

TIA A3 supports and automates a large number of processes and leads, among other things, to a reduction in planning effort through "Management by Exceptions.

"One Number"- Principle

A consistent data stock ensures a high degree of security in achieving the company's goals, as all those responsible for planning operate with the same data ("One Number").

Trend identification

Market and product segmentation forecasts allow early detection of trends as well as opportunities and risks in the product portfolio.

Balancing Supply and Demand

Opportunities of market-oriented sales planning, forecasting and scheduling

  • Increase planning quality
  • Reduce planning effort
  • Reduce inventories with optimized readiness for delivery (inventory optimization)
  • Reduce depreciation losses and capital commitment costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • Objectify discussions in the company through "same figures" regarding operations in sales and procurement/production.

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