Software for Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor Managed Inventory software means a role reversal in warehouse management: the wholesaler transfers responsibility for his stock to his supplier and guarantees optimal supply. This has advantages for both sides. REMIRA provides you with an intelligent VMI system.

Vendor Managed Inventory in practice

With VMI, you as a supplier take responsibility for your customers' stocks! This allows you to offer additional services and also gain insight into your customers' needs. You avoid too high inventory levels, out-of-stock situations and problems in communication!

The division of labor along the supply chain is supposed to optimize individual work processes, but often access to information, among other things, is problematic for suppliers. Distributors, on the other hand, struggle with overstocks or out-of-stock situations. With VMI, the supplier takes responsibility for replenishment planning and the stock in the retailer's warehouse. In doing so, supply planning is based on actual demand. Instead of reacting to orders from the retailer, the supplier initiates, coordinates and manages deliveries independently.

REMIRA software provides an optimal overview of all data relevant to inventory management and forecasts changes in sales. The result: trading partners benefit from an improvement in their flow of goods and avoid out-of-stock situations. As a result, deliveries are always made at the ideal time. This is implemented by linking the VMI software to the retailer's ERP system.



What are the benefits of a VMI-Software?

The successful implementation of Vendor Managed Inventory leads to an improvement of the economic framework. Your supplier has a direct view of all the dealer's data and key figures on an ongoing basis. Misunderstandings due to manual, incorrect or duplicate data entries cannot occur in the first place.

Advantages for suppliers

  • You have full transparency over your customers' stocks and sales.
  • Stronger customer loyalty thanks to optimal stock levels
  • Optimized performance along the supply chain
  • Ordering process and replenishment are automated, fewer manual errors
  • Production and order quantities can be planned more flexibly and efficiently.
  • Improved service level
  • You can take special influences into account with detailed daily information and forecast-based inventory simulations on parts movements and stock in the dealer's warehouse.

Advantages for the retailer

  • No more out-of-stock situations
  • Less effort in ordering and invoicing
  • No unnecessary overstocking
  • Misunderstandings in communication are eliminated
  • Satisfied customers due to sufficient stock and adherence to delivery dates
  • Decreased capital and logistics costs
    Fewer administrative tasks


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"We wanted to map the VMI process to the complete satisfaction of our customers and jointly tap efficiency potentials. The tool required for this should perform as little effort as possible with the highest flexibility. We have achieved this with REMIRA LOGOMATE." Rudolf Kaiser, Director of Global B2B Process Management at

What are the requirements for implementing a VMI system?

Our solutions are easily docked to your existing ERP system. To do this, we use our connectivity tools, which allow us to easily interface with your ERP (SAP, Microsoft, and any other ERP system). For example, if you use an SAP ERP in your company, this can be implemented without the need for additional SAP partners.

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Vendor Managed Inventory in the company

Vendor Managed Inventory is a concept for building an efficient supply chain. To do this, you need a scheduling software that can

  • map the numerous (virtual) warehouses of your customers,
  • plan for your customers in a highly automated way,
  • automatically forward the delivery items to the order system,
  • log and track the rolled goods.

Thanks to the comprehensive database and the use of inventory management software, you can even manage the stocks better than your customers. Excessive stock levels, out-of-stock situations or problems in communication are eliminated with VMI, as you have access to all relevant customer data, allowing you to flexibly plan your production and stocks. Your customer benefits from high availability and low stock levels.  

REMIRA supply chain solutions for Vendor Managed Inventory 

Our software solutions for Vendor Managed Inventory ensure that all goods are in the right place at the right time. The intelligent IT solution incorporates trends and forecasts into its calculations along with existing data. In addition to the numerous virtual customer warehouses, your vendor warehouse can also be integrated to generate optimal production proposals taking into account your VMI customer warehouses.


LOGOMATE VMI is the inventory management solution for companies in any industry, from SMEs to corporations. After a quick and easy link to your existing ERP system, LOGOMATE VMI can thus be used to determine actual sales and future forecasts.