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Features and modules

TIA A3 offers reliable modular solutions. The implementation of the software is not only adapted to your company, but also depends on the industry you are in. Depending on the industry, TIA A3 has different characteristics, which means that the software can be tailored exactly to your needs.

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Maintain an overview with the TIA A3 Cockpit

The TIA A3 Cockpit provides you with a comprehensive overview of all relevant parameters for your portfolio. The various parameters can be customized. The dashboard shows you specific key figures such as inventory turnover, ABC analysis and reports, so that you can focus on the products that currently need your intervention. With the TIA A3 Cockpit, you always have an overview of all modules, important information and the entire process. This way, you can easily control your daily business and recognize at a glance which articles require action (management-by-exception). 

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All modules at a glance


Strategic Budget Planning

Target control with strategic planning

With the strategic budget planning, you can define targets such as sales or demand in terms of units.  This transforms corporate planning into medium- to long-term sales and budget planning. Conflicting targets and planning become synergies, increasing transparency, quality and planning reliability. TIA A3 represents the link between operational and strategic planning and leads to dynamic planning.

Plan by market, country or sales channel, as well as by quantity or even value. In addition, article options, order types (pre- or post-order), as well as retail planning and market segments are taken into account.

TIA A3 bridges the gap between annual or seasonal planning and rolling, operational planning.


Merchandise Planning

Basis for product development and purchasing

With our Merchandise Planning module, you define the structure of your product range. How and, in particular, with which products or assortments do you want to achieve your company's strategic goals? This goes far beyond the planning of assortment breadth and depth. With the help of historical data, you plan the number of articles and options according to product groups, price ranges, target groups or other individually defined segmentations. The result of the planning is a shopping list for product or collection development.

The Merchandise Planning module provides you with a simple tool for key figure-based supply optimization.


Rolling Demand Planning 

Central article and product group planning

The Rolling Planning module is the central planning module in the TIA A3 software. Here, all the information from the upstream planning modules such as Annual/Budget Planning and Merchandise Planning flows together, is evaluated and converted into rolling gross requirements. In addition, fully automated forecasts from the "trend calculation" forecasting module are added. All forecasts generated can be conveniently edited by users, taking into account historical data, statistics and other influencing factors.

Highlights and features:

  • Forecast calculation through time series analyses
  • Automatic selection of the "best fit" forecast model
  • Independent optimization through error measurement and update
  • Independent evaluation of forecast reliability
  • Outlier and structural break detection
  • Higher planning reliability
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Dynamic Size Split

Calculation of size key and quantity distribution

The quantities at planning level 'color' can be automatically broken down for procurement at SKU level. The result is a gross requirement at the 'size' level that serves either as output for downstream MRP systems or as input for TIA A3 MRP.

The calculation of the size key is composed of current and historical order entries. The weighting of the data depends on:

      • The order period
      • Customer clusters (marginal size issues, if applicable)


    • Calculation from history data
    • Convenient referencing and copying functions
    • Exclusion of irrelevant customer orders


Reduced effort and order optimization

By considering and calculating an economical order quantity, high storage costs and unnecessary deliveries can be avoided. In addition, the software has an early warning system that prevents delivery bottlenecks. 

Furthermore, TIA A3 supports Far East procurement and can include your desired delivery date in the system. In doing so, replenishment times are calculated with regard to supplier vacations, international holidays or, among other things, goods acceptance days.

Inventory optimization

To generate the optimal stock, stock-out situations are specifically avoided, excess stock is reduced and remaining stock quotas are reduced.
In addition, the following features make replenishment planning with TIA A3 effective:

  • Ordering rhythms/times
  • Minimum order quantities and calculated order quantities
  • Replenishment function according to value, number of pieces, weight, container, etc.
  • Management by exception for problem cases from the dispatching point of view (via ranges, shortages, capacity limits, etc.)
  • Inventory analysis to identify slow-moving items, ABC-XYZ analysis + classification, etc.
  • Optional: variant/color key, parts list replenishment
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AI-based forecasts

Based on historical data of all items and production segmentation, demand is forecast for up to 24 months in the future. In the process, so-called seasonalities (seasonal influences) are identified in advance and taken into account in the demand forecast. In addition, there are some additional highlights of the forecasting software:

  • Automatic trend detection, detection of outliers, structural deviations and breaks.
  • Automatic forecast error detection with autocorrection
  • Automatic selection of the so-called BEST fit forecast from n-calculation models
  • Key figure system for analysis of forecast data

Expert evaluation

Evaluation of the sales potential of products by a panel of experts even before sales start.


Reliable sales forecasts just a few days after the sales launch.

Trend calculation

Self-learning best-fit algorithms for sales forecasting.


Modularly adaptable to any industry

  • Fashion & Textiles
  • Consumer Goods
  • Industry

Fashion & Textiles

Easily calculate tomorrow's trends: TIA A3 is the ultimate software for fashion, retail and seasonal article planning. TIA A3 supports you in all phases of collection creation with precise forecasting and field-proven planning methods with the goal of predicting sales, reducing planning efforts, and optimally executing planning and forecasting even in fast-moving industries. 

TIA A3 offers:

  • "blind" forecast and collection adjustment before sales start (AVACOS)
  • Extrapolation methods for pre-orders
  • Forecast for collections
  • Dynamic size key calculation
  • Replenishment and order optimization
  • Consideration of production and supplier capacity

For replenishment, functionalities such as size key calculation (also depending on time trends), size key referencing, size key according to customer groups and others are available.

Consumer Goods

Consumer goods in all industries: Have the right items in stock at the right time - TIA A3 supports you in this with forecast-based sales plans and optimized ordering and production proposals. The software is the special solution for the consumer goods industry and all companies that anonymously manufacture their products in stock or process short-term orders. TIA A3 offers:

Support for annual and budget planning
Relevant forecasting methods based on time series analysis
Mapping of planning structures such as countries, country groups, sales channels and distribution channels
Mapping of market segmentations such as (commodity, product groups, etc.)
Mapping of articles and variants
Mapping of customer clusters down to individual customers

TIA A3 is thus the perfect "planning package" for all articles in your product range.


On almost all planning levels (e.g. production planning) in industry, demand forecasts form an important basis. Optimal delivery capability with simultaneous demand-oriented inventories is the credo for manufacturing companies. Sophisticated forecasting procedures form the basis for demand-oriented sales planning and automatic scheduling. TIA A3 ensures:

Consideration of sales products, their parts and components as well as their spare parts in the demand forecast.
Consideration of new and discontinued articles as well as plant calendars or supplier vacations

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