Merchandise management and cash register


REMIRA RETAIL Cloud is the ideal cost-effective all-in-one solution for retailers with up to 10 stores. This intuitive cloud solution supports all the processes you need at the point of sale as well as comprehensive back-office functionality.


REMIRA RETAIL Cloud overview

REMIRA RETAIL Cloud helps you manage your daily business in a flexible, efficient and digital way. Being cloud-based, it is easy to install and use, inexpensive to lease and deploy and covers all the needs of small retailers. The modular, cloud-based tool makes it easy to manage tills and inventory. 

Integrated POS system


Sales, exchanges, customer returns, cuSales, exchanges, customer returns, customer selection, voucher management, credit notes, flexible payment methods, sales on account, shipping documents by e-mail


Hardware independent (browser), connects to various payment terminals, DIN A4 printer for invoices, etc. 

Core data

Product master data, customer master data, cashier, salesperson, images, custom layout 


Special features

Employee time tracking, promotion management (mix & match), cash register closing in MMS 

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Merchandise Management

Core data

Company and store master data, item master data, customer master data, sizes, colours, free attributes, images


Order (purchase orders), goods receipt (also EDI), NOS item management, customer orders, customers, selection, quotation system


Order (purchase orders), goods receipt (including EDI), NOS item management, customer orders, customers, selection, quotation system 


Various web shop connections, FIBU (DATEV), CRM (Mailchimp) and customer export, inventory, reports (Excel, PDF, etc.) 

Your advantages with RETAIL Cloud

Short training to get you up and running

Low installation effort

Easy to use

Attractive and fair leasing model

Encrypted data storage

User-friendly & modern interface

Real-time access to all data

Combinable with REMIRA PAYMENT

Features & Technology

Manage your store operations by replenishing your stores and controlling inventory across the enterprise. Stay on top of all the latest data and processes in your business. At the point of sale, the RETAIL Cloud provides all the functionality needed for a smooth checkout process.

assorted styles for the merchandise management system and the cash register

clear and concise analysis in the dashboard

easy item and master data management

customer management with integrated CRM

calendar & staff schedule

easy web shop and marketplace connection

basic module for EDI connection

Fashion Cloud Orderwriter connection

Applicable in many industries


electronics retail


hobby & leisure

personal care & hairdressing

furniture & decoration

toys & books

sports & equipment

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