Software for collection and assortment planning

The entire process of collection development through to sales is extensive and involves many departments. Software solutions can simplify communication and decision-making and significantly shorten time-to-market. Shorter time-to-market is only one benefit of digital assortment planning. Higher sales, earlier identification of racers and bums, and reduction of write-offs also lead to competitive advantages.

Collection evaluation via iPad

Reconciling, evaluating and forecasting the success of your product portfolio is time-consuming and significantly slows down time to market. Prototypes have to be discussed, order quantities determined and the sales department informed about new products. Especially in the case of new developments, the assessment of product success is associated with a high level of communication effort and uncertainty; opportunities and potential are often recognized too late or not at all.

With a software solution for evaluating, discussing and coordinating your product range or collection, you bring together all the players involved in your company and create reliable data that you can use as a basis for decision-making. You can then use this information as the basis for both design, purchasing and sales processes. This early collection and assortment planning can strengthen collections, identify gaps and secure margin and price points, and always provide the most up-to-date collection information in real time. This ultimately influences time-to-market and thus helps your company to stay ahead of the competition.

The REMIRA tool PRESET supports you optimally in collection and assortment planning. The iPad app enables commercial and creative teams to evaluate collections or concepts quickly and easily online. The results are instantly processed into a meaningful standard report that allows management to decide on the number of items to offer to stores, buy samples from vendors, or make forecasts or pre-purchases for factories.

PRESET provides fast and interactive communication and allows feedback per design or concept of an item around the world. Capture data can be uploaded from a standard Excel spreadsheet to a secure cloud environment, eliminating the need for a complex interface with PDM or ERP. 

High safety in the cloud

Ideally, such software is connected as a cloud solution. PRESET also does not require complex integrations thanks to its cloud functionality. Regardless of the programs and software tools you use, you can easily download PRESET via an iPad® and use it directly. The app is characterized by its simple and intuitive operation and can be used anytime and anywhere, on- and offline.

Support for collections and assortments 

Throughout the collection development and sales process, fashion companies evaluate the offering for their markets, customers and stores. The purpose of the assessment is to strengthen the collection, identify gaps and, equally important, secure margin and price points. In the case of retailers, store managers or regional retail teams can share the latest local requirements with stores to optimize assortments.

Feedback is required at various points during the design and sample process to ensure that developments are going in the right direction. Our PRESET software solution supports this evaluation and internal communication process in a structured and interactive way, enabling commercial and creative teams to evaluate collections or concepts quickly and fashionably. The results are immediately processed into a meaningful standard report that allows management to decide on the number of items to offer to markets, buy samples from vendors or make forecasts or pre-purchases for factories.

How you benefit from PRESET

  • Significantly shortened product development and time-to-market
  • Worldwide team collaboration through cloud technology
  • Early identification of winning and losing products
  • Simplified communication in the evaluation process with all stakeholders
  • Increased revenue through improved forecasts
  • Easily gain valuable market insights from internal and external sources
  • Reduction of write-offs, spoilage and overstocks
  • Centralized documentation of valuations
  • No need to invest in hardware or IT resources
  • Seamless integration with TIA A3 and LOGOMATE
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"The comparison of product estimates with the sales and margin target is a great support. PRESET's philosophy and functionalities have helped us to go in the right direction of digitalization." Eva Lisa Trieu, S&OP Manager at

Important functions of a software for collection and assortment planning

  • Fast and interactive evaluation
  • Simple and qualitative reporting
  • Central storage of all data
  • Dynamic cluster view for fast evaluation
  • High data security for sensitive designs and drafts

REMIRA PRESET for your collections and assortments



With our iPad® app REMIRA PRESET you can easily evaluate collections and assortments online. This enables all parties involved to follow and influence the development of the planned products from the outset. Salespeople, production and sales managers can evaluate the assortments and share all information with workgroups worldwide via a secure cloud solution.

REMIRA PRESET's collection and assortment evaluation features

  • Instant "strengths and weaknesses" reports and visualization of risks
  • Collection optimization at critical stages of the design and sample process
  • Optimal use (anytime, anywhere) enabled by offline functionality
  • No investment in hardware or IT resources and immediately ready to use
  • PRESET can be downloaded from the Apple store and installed on the iPad