Software for inventory management

Keep your warehouse in perfect balance! An effective inventory management system is the foundation for staying ahead of the competition and your customers' needs. Inventory management software creates automatic forecasts and order suggestions based on historical data. REMIRA provides you with such AI-based tools for your inventory management.

Strategic inventory management for industry and trade

In today's flood of goods, effective inventory management is a critical competitive factor for international corporations and small businesses alike. Important business goals such as reliable sales planning, constant delivery capability, a dynamic view of your inventory levels, flexible delivery times and low capital commitment must be reconciled. These diverse inventory management requirements can no longer be met without powerful inventory software.

Inventory management software helps companies bring service levels up to the desired level or maintain them at a high level to always ensure customer satisfaction. To avoid unnecessary warehousing costs, a dynamic view of your inventory levels keeps them as low as possible without compromising your ability to deliver. In addition, new opportunities for real-time analysis and inventory control are realized. Optimal inventory management thus increases supply chain efficiency and not only improves the overall cost situation of a company, but also allows conclusions to be drawn about the performance of your products and your warehouse management.

Sales forecast enables reliable sales planning

The use of an inventory management system enables you to make reliable forecasts of your future sales figures. You can quickly analyze up to 100 million SKUs and use mathematical methods and artificial intelligence to create forecasts for all products and all locations. You can integrate these forecasts into your planning. (You can also read our information on Sales & Operations Planning).

REMIRA's inventory management software includes warehouse management, supports you in realizing your individual inventory strategy and at the same time enables new possibilities for analysis and order management. Optimal inventory management thus increases supply chain efficiency and not only improves the overall cost situation of a company, but also enables transparent analysis and classification of your goods. 

Why centralizing and automating your inventory management?

Centralizing and automating your inventory management system can bring several benefits to your business. Here are some of the reasons you should consider centralizing and automating your inventory system:

  • Improved accuracy: By automating your inventory system, you can reduce the chance of errors that can occur with manual entry. This can help ensure that your inventory data is more accurate, which can lead to better decision-making and less waste.
  • Save time: Automating your inventory system can save time by eliminating manual data entry, reducing the need for physical inventory tracking, and automating reordering processes. This can free up your staff to focus on more value-added tasks.
  • Cost savings: By centralizing your inventory system, you can reduce the amount of excess inventory you have to carry, which can help minimize storage costs. You can also avoid out-of-stocks, which can lead to lost sales, and the need for rush orders and expedited shipping, which can be costly.
  • Increased visibility: With a centralized inventory system, you can get a real-time view of your inventory levels, which can help you make more informed decisions about buying, selling, and forecasting. It can also help you identify trends and opportunities for growth.
  • Improve customer service: By automating your inventory system, you can reduce the risk of stock-outs and ensure that you have the right products when your customers need them. This can help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

What are the benefits of inventory management software?

With an inventory management system, companies benefit from reliable sales forecasts and automatic suggestions for their order management. This results in numerous advantages for your company: 

Satisfied customers without out-of-stock deliver more sales

Increase your service level without unnecessarily high inventory costs. As a result, you benefit from satisfied wholesale and retail customers and higher sales.

The goods are exactly where they are needed

Effective inventory management distributes goods exactly where they are needed. Thanks to reliable sales forecasts, you can distribute goods ideally: It does not matter if you use a multi-warehouse system or a single-location. Automate the purchase orders and multi-warehouse management easily and overall sales channels in real-time.

Transparency and implementation of various inventory strategies

The use of ABC/XYZ analysis and other analysis tools provides an overview of your product range. The classification of your product enables the implementation of different product strategies for an even more successful supply chain management.

Lower capital commitment through optimized inventories

The use of predictive analytics reduces your tied-up capital in the warehouse. This creates scope for value-adding use of your capital.

Optimal supplier conditions for all orders

Volume discounts, minimum order values or pricing tiers are no longer a problem in purchasing and procurement. The combination of reliable future forecasts and conditions allows to determine optimal order quantities and times for cost reduction.

React faster through management-by-exception approach

Easily avoid unpredictable sales or supplier failures. Daily or even sub-daily forecasts provide new automatic order suggestions to trigger new purchase orders directly.

Effective collaboration with your suppliers through demand forecasting

Supply chain collaboration is an important element of modern supply chain management. Benefit from the connection of all your suppliers through early information about your planned orders and get early information about capacities.

Secure your replenishment know-how

Often, the knwoledge in a company is tied to individual employees. An inventory management software secures the knowledge, even in case of unforeseeable breakdowns or the departure of employees.

Reduction of spoilage and remaining stocks

Sustainable ordering and the reduction of remaining quantities not only protect the environment, but also increase your profit through less depreciation.

Centralize and automate your inventory system

Centralizing and automating your inventory system can help to improve accuracy, save time and money, increase visibility, and enhance customer service.

Less CO² and reduced transport costs

Bundling your deliveries to optimize your containers and trucks reduces CO² pollution and lowers transport costs.

Increased quality of work for dispatchers

Increase the quality of work for your employees, as they no longer have to manually work through Excel spreadsheets.

What are the requirements for implementing an inventory management software?

Our solutions are easily docked to your existing ERP system. To do this, we use our connectivity tools, which allow us to easily interface with your ERP (SAP, Microsoft, and any other ERP system). For example, if you use an SAP ERP in your company, this can be implemented without the need for additional SAP partners.

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Ensure optimal inventory with artificial intelligence

Our solutions are easily docked to your existing ERP system. To do this, we use our connectivity tools, which allow us to easily interface with your ERP (SAP, Microsoft, and any other ERP system). For example, if you use an SAP ERP in your company, this can be implemented without the need for additional SAP partners. 


An inventory management solution for every company size

REMIRA's inventory management solutions are the perfect for all company sizes and needs. Starting for companies in any industry from SMEs to large corporations. Up to 100 million SKUs are no problem for our inventory management system. Especially for SME we provide a smart software-as-a-service cloud-based inventory management software.

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Key functionalities of inventory optimization software

  • Intelligent learning forecasting procedures for sales forecasting and reliable prediction of future demand
  • Possibility to create automated order proposals with consideration of supplier conditions
  • Multi-echelon optimization across all inventory locations
  • Automated replenishment provides order suggestions
  • Flexibility in implementing your inventory strategy and goals
  • Dynamic safety stock levels with seasonality detection
  • Comprehensive reporting with all relevant KPIs
  • Easy to use for the dispatcher

Looking for a solution to optimize your sales planning?

We offer several software solutions in the area of Sales Planning or Sales & Operations Planning! Our tools support you in all phases of product management with accurate sales planning and forecasting - even in industries with fast moving products.