Full overview with warehouse management software from REMIRA

The control of goods in the warehouse becomes more and more complex as the size of your company grows. This is where warehouse management software can help. With DILOS, REMIRA provides you with an established, efficient and flexible system for controlling your warehouse and the associated processes. And best of all: Our warehouse management system already includes all necessary functions as standard.

REMIRA DILOS Warehouse Management

What is warehouse management software?

A warehouse software, also called WMS (Warehouse Management System) is responsible for your goods in the warehouse and all docked processes between goods receipt and goods issue. It is docked to your ERP or acts autonomously as a leading system. The WMS is connected to existing warehouse technology (picking technology, conveyor technology, etc.) and controls the entire flow of goods largely automatically. Intelligent systems have the ability to optimize individual process steps. The software can identify optimization potential in the distribution of goods, the picking process and the picking paths and basically ensures transparent, fast and efficient operation of the warehouse.

With the appropriate software, all logistical material and information flows can be controlled - even across locations. With DILOS, REMIRA provides you with powerful warehouse management software that optimizes your warehouse processes and makes them more transparent. 

What are the benefits of a warehouse management software?

The warehouse is the linchpin in logistics. Intelligent warehouse software ensures that the entire material flow is automatically recorded, mapped and managed. This way, you have all important information and the current stocks in view at all times. Particularly with large quantities of goods, warehouse management software helps to ensure smooth logistical processes and provides a significant increase in efficiency. 

  • More transparency in the fields of inventory, shipping and tracking
  • Reduction of operating costs through better organization and division of the warehouse
  • Optimization of work scheduling for efficient employee deployment
  • Process simplification through automation


  • Paperless processing in the course of digitization with the corresponding advantages compared to classic paper document management
  • Easy training of new employees through intuitive data processing and perfectly matched hardware
  • Inventory security
  • Low error rate
  • Maximum transparency

What functions does a warehouse software need?

Are you looking for a warehouse management system or do you want to replace your existing WMS? The requirements can vary depending on the industry, warehouse structure and sector. For this reason, we are happy to offer you a free consultation to provide you with the optimal solution.

REMIRA Warehouse Management Systems already offer all functions necessary for your application as standard. You do not need any additional modules, but can work directly with our consulting team to find the optimal warehouse management for your logistics. Integration into the existing IT infrastructure is also no problem at all.

Nevertheless, there are some functions that are elementary for warehouse management systems:

  • Completely paperless warehouse management through support of different hardware (desktop, MDE devices, smartphones, etc.)
  • Flexible adaptation to company size, warehouse and industry
  • Mapping of different warehouse types (production warehouse, picking warehouse, narrow aisle warehouse, shelf warehouse, distribution warehouse, etc.)
  • Management of all article attributes (batch, year, MHD, serial numbers, etc.)
  • Multi-order picking / batch picking
  • Automatic route optimization
  • Mapping of the requirements of manufacturing companies (just-in-time, raw materials, intermediate products and end products)
  • Inventory (also with random sample inventory procedure)
  • Customs warehouse integration
  • Optimization of incoming and outgoing goods
  • Control of existing warehouse technology (forklift, AutoStore, etc.)
  • Compatible with all established picking technologies (Pick-by-Voice, Pick-by-Light, Pick-by-Vision, etc.)
  • Product finishing and labeling
  • Personnel and resource planning
  • Returns management
  • Release capability

Special requirements for warehouse management for logistics service providers (3PL)

Logistics service providers (3PL) are responsible for the warehousing of their customers. They have to quickly manage more and more complex tasks. Here, warehouse management is the core system and therefore has a great impact on the satisfaction of your customers. DILOS already supports all these functions required by 3PL providers as standard. These are for example:

  • Multi-client management
  • Accounting and billing
  • Integration to the customer's online store
  • Online dashboard for customers of the 3PL provider
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"We have also had a connection programmed in DILOS for the storage of hazardous materials to the hazard prevention center and the local fire department so that daily updated reports on the detailed inventory are sent to them automatically. This allows us to ensure that the fire department knows exactly which hazardous materials are stored at which location – at any time." Tobias Kappelmann, Team Manager Warehouse Logistics at
Fenthol & Sandtmann GmbH

What are the requirements for implementing a warehouse management system?

At the beginning it is necessary to make an inventory of processes, goods, storage locations and personnel to be able to define the appropriate solution. Our team, experienced in many industries, supports you in this process and designs a future-proof system for warehouse management, adapted to your company. Basically, our warehouse software DILOS can be easily connected to your existing hardware and software.

If you are using an ERP system, the warehouse management is docked in a very uncomplicated way. Here, the information about inventory, storage location, etc. is simply exchanged via interfaces. For this purpose, we use our existing connectivity tools, which allow us an uncomplicated connection via interface to your ERP or ERP software. If you use an SAP ERP in your company, this can be implemented without the use of additional SAP partners.


Warehouse Management

DILOS enables efficient warehouse management for retailers, producers and logistics service providers of any industry. The software ensures fast throughput times, paperless warehouse management and a minimal error rate and is already in use at numerous companies.