REMIRA STATCONTROL Cloud for simplifying stocktaking and inventory security

Products and features

Our procedures for simple inventory cover all permissible statistical procedures with their range of functions and can be individually configured to suit any operational situation. In addition to the extrapolation method and the sequential test, we also offer a module for electronic counting with MDE devices. You also receive a system for risk-oriented categorization of stocks according to various risk profiles.  


Extrapolation processes

Certified system for extrapolation sample stocktaking in all warehouse areas

Today's warehouses meet the inventory accuracy requirements for extrapolation sampling. Increasingly, however, retail areas are also meeting these requirements. Using a certified inventory system ensures that the legal requirements for this type of inventory are met - including full documentation. 

With an effort of only up to 1% compared to a full inventory, our extrapolation method offers significant savings potential. It includes all four permissible extrapolation methods. With continuous sampling (static and dynamic), it is also possible to distribute the count over the entire fiscal year and thus integrate it into daily processes. A combination with sequential testing can also be useful. 

Our team will work with you to determine your individual savings potential and assist you in coordinating with the auditor and in implementing and rolling out our high-fidelity methodology. 

Your benefits

  • Significant savings over full inventory
  • Significantly reduce stocktaking errors
  •  Flexible inventory design
  • Automated and complete stocktaking documentation
  • Optional inventory audits throughout the year 

Sequential test

Certified sequential testing for high inventory reliability warehouses 

Without question, this is the pinnacle of acceptable inventory methods: With our sequential test, ideally 30 samples are sufficient to stocktake an entire warehouse. However, this requires a higher level of inventory accuracy than our highly computational methods. For this reason, sequential testing is used in automated warehouses, high-bay warehouses and areas with high inventory accuracy. Sequential inspection is also increasingly used in conventional warehouses as current warehouse management systems and processes lead to more reliable inventory levels. 

Sequential testing is often used in conjunction with high rack methods to inventory storage areas with varying levels of inventory accuracy. Sequential testing is also useful for inventory checks throughout the year. 

The trick is to combine acceptable inventory methods into an optimal inventory concept. We support you with our expertise. 

 Your benefits

  • The most efficient stocktaking method with the least effort
  • Ideal complement to our extrapolation method
  • Flexible design of sample size, making it ideal for inventory checks
  • Automated and complete inventory documentation 
"STATCONTROL Cloud intuitively guides the user from getting to know the product for the first time, to selecting the appropriate procedure and performing the count, all the way to the certified stocktaking result. We were also more than satisfied with the cooperation with our REMIRA colleagues, everything was implemented as discussed!" Andy Kowark, Materials Management Manager at

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