Software for forecast-based production planning 

Our software solutions for forecast-based production planning ensure smooth processes in the supply chain of manufacturing companies. They enable optimized and predictive production planning by means of intelligent demand forecasts and simulations.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling - further improved

Manufacturing companies are under high cost and time pressure. At the same time, they need to be highly reliable and as flexible as possible. Production planning software ensures that production processes run smoothly in the area of operational production management. This includes comprehensive planning, control and administration of all processes in the area of goods and commodity production. REMIRA provides you with such a PPS system for better forward planning of your production processes. Here, REMIRA APS benefits from the intelligent REMIRA sales forecast, which enables optimal production and order quantities. And this long before the customer order.

An intelligent PPS, enhanced with reliable demand forecasts

The requirements for efficient production planning are becoming ever greater. Processes should run as optimally as possible, ensure high effectiveness and efficiency, and at best, there are always as many goods in stock as the customer needs. This is where conventional APS and ERP systems fail, because they are fed with manually forecasted assumptions, depending on the know-how of individual employees.

Our solution for forecast-based production planning allows the most realistic possible mapping of the entire supply chain from raw material supplier to end user. It contains and processes all relevant information digitally and delivers fast and precise results for production planning. At the same time, it is designed to replace manual planning using Excel and employees' empirical values. REMIRA APS uses intelligent forecasts to calculate future demand and can thus map and simulate the entire production process. This avoids unnecessarily utilized machines, overfilled raw material warehouses or too long waiting times of the customer for the finished production.

What are the benefits of forecast-based production planning software?

  • Optimal utilization of your resources
    The software is a complex simulation tool that combines rough and detailed planning for an optimization of procurement, production and disposition.
  • Mapping of the entire planning process in one application
    APS is an integrated PPS system and combines all the tools you need to plan your production in one software. This allows you to maintain an overview of your processes at all times.
  • Reliable demand forecasts for production planning
    Using intelligent algorithms, software for forecast-based production planning brings together all data centrally and provides the necessary forecasts for your customers' future requirements.
  • Ensuring fully utilized capacities and on-time completion
    End-to-end planning from customer order to raw material order to delivery of the finished product ensures a smooth value chain. Even situations in which raw materials have to be ordered long before customer orders become known can be optimally managed by combining capacity planning and demand forecasts.
  • Lower production costs
    Reduced throughput and setup times result in a reduction of production times as well as production costs. This allows you to make optimum use of available capacities.
  • Better personnel planning
    Personnel planning benefits from an optimization of employee deployment and peak loads can be distributed in a targeted manner to less utilized periods.
  • Never out-of-stock again
    Production downtimes and overstocks are avoided just as effectively as delays and out-of-stock situations thanks to intelligent planning. An important factor in competitive markets.
  • Easy connection to your ERP and the entire IT landscape
    Our established connectivity tools enable efficient connection to your ERP. No matter whether SAP, Microsoft, proAlpha or any other system. APS is compatible with any ERP solution.

REMIRA supply chain solutions for intelligent production planning


APS enables forecast-based production planning and can be used universally in a wide range of industries. The software is an end-to-end solution tailored to the customer's specific requirements, covering all production stages and capable of mapping, simulating and optimizing the most complex requirements.