Software for sales and operation planning (S&OP)

Sales planning is important for the success of a company. Both trading and manufacturing companies need reliable planning figures. Prerequisites for this are consistent communication and the meaningful storage and analysis of all relevant data. REMIRA's intelligent sales planning solutions support you in this.

Integrated tools for optimal planning 

The days of confusing documents and e-mails are long gone. Because when it comes to planning your sales, spreadsheet tools such as Excel or Numbers quickly reach their limits. The regular search, collection and organization of all information also costs a lot of time. REMIRA tools support you in communicating with purchasing, sales, production and other departments and provide automatic forecasts and planning figures for achieving your company goals. In this way, you obtain optimal sales planning for your company and benefit from numerous advantages:

  • Reliable planning of sales volumes and sales figures across all channels
  • Uniform communication through a central planning tool
  • You recognize potential for further increasing your sales.
  • Intelligent forecasting enables efficient use of your resources
  • Clear monitoring of relevant key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • No manual creation of Excel lists and insecure sending of sensitive company data by mail.
  • Increase the satisfaction of your customers through better availability of goods.

React faster enables optimal planning

The demands on your company's management are constantly increasing. The amount of information a sales planner has to process is high and cannot be handled manually anymore. For many companies, the basis of sales planning is still working with Excel. But especially when unforeseen events occur, such as the recent Corona crisis, you can quickly throw all previous planning overboard. Our solutions, on the other hand, support you in making quick decisions and implementing new, adapted strategies, which would only be possible manually with a high expenditure of time and a high error rate. While some are still rummaging through Excel spreadsheets, you already benefit from automatic daily updated forecasts. You therefore achieve maximum transparency and can quickly adjust all planning so as not to miss your annual target and to satisfy your customers at all times.

Centralized data and intelligent forecasts for every ERP

The analysis of historical data on sales and orders is made possible by the AI and BigData approach of our software solutions. The data is easily obtained by the software through our connectivity tools, which allow us to provide a hassle-free connection to any ERP system - whether SAP, Microsoft, or any other ERP/merchandise management system from your preferred vendor. Thanks to our REMIRA SAP connector, you don't even need an external SAP service provider to connect to your SAP system.

Sales planning as a prerequisite for successful supply chain management

Sales planning is the starting point for operational planning in a company, as it determines how many goods are to be sold in a certain period of time. In this process, large volumes of data containing important information and communication difficulties between the individual departments are particularly problematic. Excel and the on-board tools of your ERP quickly reach their limits. The goal must be to bring all information together holistically and across departments. This is the only way to get an overview of the actual opportunities and future needs.

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"Without TIA A3, our company would not have been able to grow as it has." Ciaran Herr, Purchasing Director at
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What are the requirements for implementing an S&OP system?

Our solutions are easily docked onto your existing ERP system. To do this, we use our connectivity tools, which allow us to easily connect to your ERP (SAP, Microsoft, and any other ERP system) via an interface. For example, if you use an SAP ERP in your company, this can be implemented without the need for additional SAP partners. 

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Our S&OP-solution TIA A3



TIA A3 enables efficient Sales & Operations Planning and is the ideal tool for manufacturers and retailers of any industry with seasonal articles and products with short product life cycles.