Mobile checkout, store management, omnichannel and much more from anywhere on the sales floor 


Say goodbye to long queues with REMIRA’s mobile checkout solution: The INSTORE app is designed for tablets, smartphones and PCs, offering all the necessary functions and information you need on the sales floor. With the INSTORE App, you can focus on what truly matters: the customer.

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Advantages of using the REMIRA INSTORE App

Mobile cashiering
made easy

The REMIRA INSTORE App enables mobile checkout and provides flexible customer service using a tablet or smartphone directly on the sales floor. Encourage your customers to pay after consultation, avoiding long queues at checkout. Our focus is always on putting the customer at the centre of attention.

Comprehensive advice with the INSTORE app

Enhance the effectiveness of your staff by equipping them with all the relevant information about your products. With comprehensive product knowledge, they can effectively assist more customers in less time, leading to increased customer loyalty and higher sales.

omnichannel services

If the desired quantity of a product is not available, you can provide customers with alternatives through Click & Reserve and Click & Collect options. These features utilize inventory queries from other stores and warehouses to fulfil their needs.

Efficient branch­management

All store processes can be digitally mapped and standardized. You can conveniently manage incoming goods and inventory directly within the app. This simplifies store management and saves valuable staff time.

Features & Technology

The REMIRA INSTORE app works on Android, iOS and Windows for the digitalization of your branch processes, with which you can carry out various activities on the sales floor. The INSTORE app can be used on tablets, smartphones or on a payment terminal. This makes the INSTORE app an all-in-one solution, which means that an additional terminal is not necessary. 

Mobile checkout

Quick stock enquiries

Customer installation
and management

Omnichannel process mapping

Price labelling easily
done in-app

Store and warehouse inventory

Link to external programmes

Print labels

Completion at goods receiving

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