Seamless integration into your system landscape


REMIRA solutions are characterized by their 100% integrability into your IT landscape. Interfaces are part of our daily business and so we continuously develop our technologies further so that you can use all the possibilities of modern IT solutions.

DILOS can also be integrated into any IT infrastructure without any problems.

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Fully integrable with all systems

Our warehouse management system works hand in hand with all merchandise management or freight forwarding systems. No matter whether individual development or standard software.

ERP or Forwarding System

Web-Shop systems

Carrier or bzw. CEP-provider

Supplier Portal

Tour Planning Systems

Extraction Technology

Warehouse Technology

BI Tools

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"I can only praise the cooperation with my REMIRA colleagues in the highest possible terms. We quickly found common ground, individual adaptation suggestions came from REMIRA, which we implemented and which contributed to the success with DILOS." Michael Hartlage, Chief Supply Chain Officer at
Hemmers Itex

Suitable for every warehouse

50m² or 160,000 pallet spaces - the Warehouse Management System DILOS manages warehouses of any size and can flexibly map your growth. There are no limits to the scalability towards multi-clients, multi-users and multi-warehouses! In terms of infrastructure, we can flexibly respond to your requirements and existing structures.

You want to replace your existing warehouse management software, but want to keep your existing infrastructure? No problem: We have the corresponding project experience and guarantee the necessary adaptability of our warehouse software.

DILOS can map any warehouse structure - from fully automated high-bay warehouses to simple pallet warehouses, from cross-docking to FIFO. In addition, DILOS can operate flexibly in automated warehouse areas in interaction with material flow computers or directly control the existing conveyor technology. The order data is transferred to the responsible PLC unit for this purpose.

Acquisition technologies

  • Document-based
  • Via barcode
  • Pick-by-Light
  • Pick-by-Voice
  • RFID

Warehouse and conveyor technology

  • Driverless transport systems
  • Tray lifts and shuttle systems
  • Order picking carousels
  • Fully automatic high rack systems
  • Cutting machines, sorters, scales etc.

IT infrastructure

  • Servers in data center
  • Software and hardware
  • Data backup
  • Mobile work stations

Marking and labeling

  • All common formats, such as GTIN, MAT or SSCC
  • Shipping and storage bin labels

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