Optimal planning of incoming goods


With LM ARRIVE you avoid bottlenecks at the gates and use your employees efficiently. The result is optimal timing in the goods receiving area for stress-free loading and unloading.

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Avoid traffic jams in the goods receiving area

Accurate clocking of trucks at loading docks is a complex task. To avoid congestion, suppliers must arrive at the goods receiving area according to a clearly defined schedule. Only then loading and unloading can take place stress-free.

With LM ARRIVE, this challenge can be solved efficiently. The software prevents bottlenecks in the delivery of goods. The solution calculates the time required per truck, pallet and truck change and thus creates a realistic schedule. Whether deliveries overlap can be calculated on a daily basis. In case of impending capacity bottlenecks, LM ARRIVE checks which appointments have not yet been transmitted to the supplier. On this basis, existing deadlines can be automatically rescheduled by the software. This happens within a preset time window and under consideration of supplier conditions. Planned deliveries are assigned to free loading gates in advance. As a result, users achieve optimal capacity utilization in the goods receiving area.

LM ARRIVE overview

  • Calculation of capacity bottlenecks
  • Visualization of bottlenecks at the warehouse receiving area
  • Visualization of open goods receipts
  • Determination of time requirements yes truck, pallet and truck change
  • Allocation of trucks to gates
  • Optimization of delivery dates considering supplier conditions

Your advantages with LM ARRIVE

LM ARRIVE is a software specialized in the planning of incoming goods. 

Optimal clocking at the goods receipt

No capacity bottlenecks

Stress-free loading and unloading

Realistic time planning

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