Software for stocktaking 

Inventory does not necessarily have to be time-consuming. REMIRA offers you the optimal solution for carrying out your next inventory count. In doing so, the effort can be reduced by 95 % and a significantly better inventory quality can be achieved.


Inventory program for simplification

The inventory, which is obligatory once a year, usually means a high expenditure of personnel, time and money. Often companies even have to stop production and close stores and warehouses. They need additional helpers to carry out the inventory and are busy with the coordination. The frustration among employees and managers is correspondingly high. How can companies simplify the challenges of inventory?

Inventory software can help. And although most ERP or warehouse management systems already support the classic full inventory, it makes sense to look into other inventory apps. REMIRA offers you STATCONTROL CLOUD, a tool that is used by numerous large companies and small businesses. STATCONTROL CLOUD is based on the principle of legally approved sample stocktaking. Also, customers can use STATCONTROL CLOUD's mobile apps for mobile inventory with scanner.

A program for sample stocktaking is the optimal solution

A legally approved option for simplifying inventory is sample stocktaking. This is a measuring procedure in which the correctness of inventory management is checked. If there is a match between the inventory managed by the system and the items in the warehouse within the permissible limit, there is no need for a full inventory. This results in a reduction of the counting effort by up to 95%, which is why costs and personnel expenditure are also reduced. 

This allows you to replace the costly full inventory with safer and more cost-effective sample stocktaking software. You benefit from a reduced inventory effort of up to 95 %. At the same time, the reliability of the results increases compared to a full inventory.

How does an inventory program for sample stocktaking work?

The tool docks onto your ERP software (SAP, Microsoft Navision, etc.) and receives all the necessary information from the system. You receive a count list automatically generated by the software and can subsequently enter the count manually on paper, scan barcodes with MDE devices or implement it with the REMIRA Scanner Apps on Android or iOS smartphones and tablets. This allows you to easily, quickly and accurately record the necessary items. The recorded data is entered back into the inventory software and the software automatically calculates the evaluation.

Benefits of sample stocktaking software

Reduction of counting effort by an average of 95%

Minimization of costs, time and personnel expenditure

High process reliability

Counting and transmission errors are avoided, no more fiddling with Excel lists

No need for stock closure or production stops

Use the software also for stock checks during the year

"The previous complete inventory took two full days with ten employees. Now five colleagues can do it in five hours." Karsten Gaschnitz, Controller at

Important functions of a software solution for inventory with a sample stocktaking procedure

  • Choice between the two admissible methods (extrapolation method and sequential test)
  • Possibility of implementing the inventory with different types of data collection
  • Mobile data collection with app for smartphone and tablet (Android and iOS) with barcode scanner
  • Interfaces to any ERP system / enterprise resource planning system

REMIRA STATCONTROL CLOUD for your stocktaking

STATCONTROL CLOUD uses legally permissible statistical procedures to replace error-prone and costly full counts with considerably more rational and reliable sampling procedures. The user is provided with a simple interface for fast, reliable and transparent counting of your inventory.