Merchandise Management Planning


      Our  merchandise management system manages the supply of goods to your stores and takes automatic care of enterprise-wide stock control. It maintains a constant overview of all current data and processes in your store and creates the basis for modern omnichannel retailing. 


      Manage branches, network channels 

      Automated processes for smooth procurement

      The REMIRA merchandise management system manages the supply of goods to your locations and provides comprehensive company-wide control over them. This can be both automated and based on the specifications that you define. It ensures precise determination of stock levels. The system automatically reorders goods that should always be in stock (NOS articles) or suggests their transfer from other branches. Additionally, for control purposes, a rapid alert system notifies you of any discrepancies or errors via email. The structured and automated processes of REMIRA RETAIL save time in planning and daily merchandise management.

      Manage all relevant data centrally


      Whether it is customer or sales data, REMIRA RETAIL serves as your central data hub. Item master data, including item number, description and image, can be displayed at various customer touch points. As an inventory management system, the merchandise management system also determines which store has a desired item in stock or, in the case of chain stores with an online shop, from which store an item can be shipped. The Merchandise Management System utilizes various EDI message types for electronic communication, such as PRICAT (item master data), ORDERS (purchase orders), ORDRSP (order confirmations), DESADV (delivery notifications and supplier returns) and RECADV (goods receipt notifications). 

      Key figures

      The REMIRA RETAIL statistics and reporting tool enables real-time analysis of company data. It already includes a variety of standard reports and custom reports can be created as needed. This allows you to closely monitor your key performance indicators and integrate the results into your processes. By default, analysis is performed through the data warehouse, or alternatively, visually and functionally optimized through the dashboard. This feature allows for the combination and visually appealing presentation of data from inventory management and other enterprise sources. 

      Connected sales channels

      To ensure a seamless customer journey across all channels, it is essential to have interconnected systems in the background. Our merchandise management system facilitates omnichannel processes by establishing real-time connections with other systems, allowing for data transfer to the web shop, for instance. Additionally, it provides centralized and automated management and distribution of available stock, as well as stock that needs to be reordered. In this manner, our system supports the integration of your company's sales channels, both in-store and online. 

      Your advantages with our REMIRA RETAIL


      internationally applicable

      real-time data

      from the Cloud

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      "We have an extreme acceleration compared to before. We can handle the growth in the online area well with this. Otherwise, five female employees were busy creating the invoices. Now it's done in a matter of seconds."  Dennis Hanninger, Member of the Executive Board at
      Schuhhaus Horsch

      Networking all online and offline channels

      Digitization of the retail world

      While e-commerce is experiencing growth, local retail continues to be relevant, provided it can meet the demands of today's customers. Connect your online and offline channels to establish a seamless customer journey! Our innovative IT systems enable you to achieve this. For instance, you can utilize them to incorporate omnichannel functions like Click & Collect and Click & Reserve.

      The Advantages of Omnichannel

      attracting loyal customers

      higher turnover

      more Customers

      high customer satisfaction

      Keeping the overview with dashboards

      With our merchandise management system, you can streamline all your back-office processes, including receiving, returns, customer management, and controlling. All data is stored and analysed within the system. Through a dashboard, you can transform business data into clear real-time analyses accessible on both stationary and mobile devices. Graphically presented evaluations and customized reports enable you to monitor your key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time and visualize your company's potential. The integration of data from additional sources, such as financial accounting or the web shop, provides further analysis options, offering you clarity for future strategies.

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