Software for Supplier Management

Cooperation with suppliers does not always work as smoothly as desired. Therefore, the entire procurement process and communication with suppliers should be managed systematically. Precise, seamless and strategic supplier management is indispensable for companies in all industries. REMIRA software helps you to operationally optimize and digitalize the interaction between companies and suppliers and thus increase the quality in the cooperation.

Strategic supplier management for corporate success

Nowadays, no company can do without the systematic management of relationships with its suppliers, because a high level of trust in delivery reliability is the basis of a functioning replenishment. The delivery reliability and the delivery accuracy of the suppliers are two elementarily important prerequisites for the success of a company. Therefore, precise, seamless supplier management is indispensable in industry and trade. If, for example, agreed delivery and production times are not met, the entire replenishment process falls behind. In such situations, speed of reaction is required. Through automatic escalation/warning messages, the critical conditions are quickly identified and systematically dealt with according to the Management by Exception method. Supplier management takes care of the selection of suppliers, monitors the development of the supplier's performance level and decides at which level the supplier is included in the value chain.

A software for supplier management helps to digitize purchasing. For example, it can drive the development of a reliable supplier base. Supplier management thus shapes and directs the general relationship between suppliers and buyers. This includes supplier evaluation, supplier development, supplier integration and supplier controlling. 

Strategic supplier management at a glance

Supplier Relationship Management Software (SRM) covers all activities within the procurement process that serve to supply the company with materials, supplies and services. Supplier management includes supplier identification, containment, analysis, supplier evaluation and supplier selection, as well as supplier controlling.

Goals of a system for the strategic supplier management

Particularly in the field of purchase and procurement, the responsible persons are often confronted with major challenges. The purchase department is an important interface and must not only organize the suppliers, but also orders set up, order confirmations examine and with (Intra) logistics communicate. In many places, work is still done with technically outdated means - a no-go in times of digitalization. Software helps to digitalize purchasing and visualize the right key figures. Classic ERP systems quickly reach their limits here. For example, the development of a reliable supplier base can be driven forward. Successful operational supplier management reduces procurement costs and optimizes the procurement process. At the same time, on-time delivery improves and the performance of individual suppliers is made transparent. In this way, the performance of individual suppliers is made transparent and the quality of supply is continuously improved. Good supplier management is the key to success today.

  • Reduce procurement costs
  • Improved delivery date loyalty
  • Security in procurement
  • Supplier performance becomes transparent
  • Problem-free communication with suppliers
  • Integration of suppliers into own processes

Potential dangers and risks

Particularly in risk management, software with appropriate functions enables companies to obtain information and react at an early stage. In addition, a supplier management system helps to select and qualify the right suppliers so that the company's requirements can be met in the best possible way. 

  • Default risks
  • Environmental influences
  • Dependencies
  • Financial risks
  • Delivery reliability

Optimal cooperation with your suppliers thanks to REMIRA

As a provider of a SaaS solution for supplier management, REMIRA supports you optimally and efficiently in strategic supplier management.LIEFERANTENPORTAL.DE is a central, cloud-based platform for digitizing the procurement process and all communication with your suppliers - online and in real time. With the supplier portal, we have developed an innovative SaaS solution to support you in all processes related to your supply chain.

LIEFERANTENPORTAL.DE zum Lieferantenmanagement

LIEFERANTENPORTAL.DE is an innovative SaaS solution that enables easy integration of all your suppliers into a digital supply chain. In this way, you gain transparency over the entire ordering and delivery process and also save valuable time at goods receipt.

LOGOMATE is an intelligent AI-based inventory management tool for sales forecasting, order suggestions and replenishment. LOGOMATE optimizes orders according to conditions and selects the most suitable suppliers.

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