Software for Integrated Business Planning

Translating strategic goals into operational actions: This is the goal of Integrated Business Planning. It does this by integrating demand, supply, and financial planning processes to define a common plan for all functional areas of an enterprise. Synchronizing commercial, financial, and procurement plans helps you achieve your goals. Special software facilitates supply chain planning and prevents missing information or unstructured communication. REMIRA offers you an appropriate solution for this approach.

What does software for IBP do?

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) software is a powerful tool that helps companies successfully plan and achieve their business goals. It provides companies with a comprehensive tool to effectively plan resources, reduce costs and increase revenues. With IBP, companies can simplify their planning processes and respond more quickly to changes in the business environment. As a result, the software acts as the interface between strategic management decisions and operational actions, helping companies improve their supply chain management through clear planning and control.

Integrated Business Planning is the evolution of the Sales & Operations approach to effective decision making. It allows you to plan and manage your entire business over a 24- to 36-month horizon. At any given point in time, strategic and tactical plans can be aligned and critical resources such as people, equipment, inventory, materials, time and money can be allocated to achieve competitive advantage and maintain customer satisfaction.

Differentiation from Sales & Operations Planning

Integrated Business Planning and S&OP have some overlaps. These include, for example:

  • Rolling process
  • Interdisciplinary approach
  • Driven by business strategy
  • Tactical planning at the aggregate level

However, IBP provides additional functionality for sales and operations planning:

  • Finance function
  • Integrate financial planning cycle such as financial budget and forecast
  • From volume planning to volume and value planning
  • Drives overall business performance

What are the benefits of IBP software?

Integrated Business Planning is a systematic, strategic, and process-oriented method that aims to meet the needs of the business. To achieve this goal, Integrated Business Planning software can provide valuable support. It offers many benefits, including increased efficiency, better information transfer and improved record keeping. This can lead to improved business operations and more effective performance. Integrated business planning software also provides quick and easy access to key data and cost projections. This enables companies to make better strategic decisions to drive their business forward. In addition, integrated business planning software solutions can improve communication between different departments and lead to better information sharing. This, in turn, can help the business achieve its goals more efficiently.

More advantages

  • Respond more quickly and flexibly to market changes
  • Harmonize and customize business processes
  • Successfully translate strategic vision into operations
  • Consistent definition of key business goals and metrics
  • Improve customer service and market performance
  • Quick and coordinated decision making
  • Transparenz über Bedarfe, Bestände und Kapazitäten entlang der Supply Chain
business documents on office table with smart phone and digital tablet and stylus and two colleagues discussing data in the background

Integrated business planning for a high-performance supply chain

Excel spreadsheets for supply chain planning are outdated and risky. An IBP solution, on the other hand, makes it possible to monitor the entire business in real time, identify trends, and achieve results that are aligned with the company's goals. A strategic goal, such as increasing sales of a certain product by 10%, can be translated into operational terms with the help of IBP software. Supply chain processes become transparent - in case of disruptions, it is possible to react in time. Simulations help to play out "what-if" situations and to consider and analyze possible outcomes. Numerous upcoming consumption and replenishment events are also taken into account.

What features does IBP software need?

Requirements for an IBP software solution can vary by industry and company. Cloud-based software for IBP gives you a much higher level of control and efficiency by streamlining and accelerating planning processes. 

  • Realistic representation of flexible planning approaches such as customers, countries, sales channels, and product groups
  • Intuitive reporting with KPIs to track operational efficiency
  • Management by exception through valid message reporters to avoid critical inventory situations (out-of-stock, overstock, etc.)
  • Predict sales based on historical sales using algorithms and AI
  • Intelligent learning production planning with capacity constraints 
  • Inventory optimization through customized production and order quantities 
  • Multi-echelon optimizing across all warehouse locations
  • Optimized order, production and stock transfer suggestions for the ERP system
  • Event simulation with integrated scenario planning 

Looking for an integrated business planning solution?

We offer several software solutions in the cloud that can significantly simplify and streamline your business planning process. By analyzing and forecasting relevant data, you can respond to market changes quickly and efficiently.