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Commerce Cloud

The REMIRA COMMERCE Cloud is a central omnichannel platform for retailers and manufacturers. It enables you to connect your various internal and external IT systems to provide your customers with a successful omnichannel experience. 

COMMERCE Cloud serves as the control centre and data hub, facilitating omnichannel order management and seamless commerce by connecting your existing infrastructure and external systems, including marketplaces. 

Advantages of using the COMMERCE Cloud

As many touchpoints as you like

With the COMMERCE Cloud, you can manage as many touchpoints as you want without the need to log into each sales channel separately and reconcile your data. The software allows you to handle all your touchpoints efficiently. By ensuring consistent data, each touchpoint receives the necessary information in the required format.

Integrated warehouse management system

Our e-commerce solution incorporates a warehouse management system that streamlines numerous logistics processes. We offer paperless picking and mobile data collection through handheld devices. Additionally, our system supports route-optimized picking.

More than just middleware

The COMMERCE Cloud serves as middleware, connecting various systems while also supporting essential business logic related to order management, payment processing, returns management and other critical processes.

Channel-specific product data

Our e-commerce Product Information Management (PIM) system enables you to import data from multiple sources, allowing you to centralize the management of item data with attributes such as color, size, price, associated images, delivery times, stock levels and more—all in one place, even across different languages.

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"It was quickly clear to our project team that we could only achieve the flexibility we wanted in our online-first and omnichannel logic with COMMERCE Cloud." Marcus Diekmann, Member of the Board at
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Features & Technology

The REMIRA solution acts as middleware between your existing legacy systems, simplifying the flow of essential product information, process data and more within your system landscape. Interface chaos and inconsistencies in data across different systems are a thing of the past. The outcome of using REMIRA’s COMMERCE Cloud is a well-connected, omni-channel business process.

Data harmonization

Automated processes

Centralized management of product data

Reporting for transparency and clarity

Full integration with existing infrastructure

Individual configuration of distribution channels

Connect any number of dealers, branches & drop shipment suppliers

Scalable and highly available SaaS application

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