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SUPPLIERCOLLABORATION.NET is a powerful SaaS solution that helps you integrate all your suppliers into a digital supply chain. It ensures smooth processes and flawless communication between your company and your suppliers. By using SUPPLIERCOLLABORATION.NET, you can save a lot of time and significantly reduce costs. Furthermore, it enables you to have complete transparency over your entire order and delivery processes. 

Benefits in numbers

Up to
fewer errors at receiving
Up to
time saved at the receiving dock
Up to
faster communication with the suppliers

Successful supply chain management starts with your suppliers

To have successful supply chain management, it is crucial to focus on your suppliers. Purchasing is an essential department in medium and large businesses, and one of its key responsibilities is to communicate with suppliers and the company's own logistics. A significant amount of information is exchanged daily between these parties. If the communication between them breaks down, it can result in severe losses for the company. 

Therefore, it is important to establish and maintain good communications with your suppliers. By doing so, you can ensure a smooth flow of information and minimize any potential disruptions in your supply chain. Remember, your suppliers are your partners, so building strong relationships with them is essential for your overall success. 

SUPPLIERCOLLABORATION.NET is a cloud-based software solution that assists companies in streamlining their workflows by integrating their suppliers, digitizing purchasing and logistics processes, and enhancing communication. It enables companies to map the entire order and delivery processes in a single solution. SUPPLIERCOLLABORATION.NET eliminates transmission errors caused by media breaks, ensuring a seamless flow of information between suppliers and logistics service providers. 

This software solution goes above and beyond the capabilities of an EDI system. Innovative features such as supplier ratings and demand forecasting are available to users of SUPPLIERCOLLABORATION.NET. The web-based and user-friendly supplier portal is easily connected to existing ERP systems - with or without EDI. This enables a simple and targeted onboarding of the software and ensures quick deployment in productive operations. 

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"We were looking for a web EDI solution, but then realized that more is possible with the same integration effort and lower price. That was ultimately the deciding factor for choosing SUPPLIERCOLLABORATION.NET!" Gerd Sailer, Purchasing Manager at
KW automotive GmbH



Digital exchange with or without EDI

For small and mid-sized companies that find EDI too expensive or complex to implement, SUPPLIERCOLLABORATION.NET is the ideal solution. This web-based tool is a less complex alternative that allows suppliers without their own EDI system to participate in digital purchasing processes in a simple and efficient way. 

With SUPPLIERCOLLABORATION.NET, smaller companies can take advantage of the benefits of digitized purchasing processes without the need for an EDI system. The software solution is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for suppliers to participate in digital purchasing processes. 

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Alternatives to an EDI-connection


Fewer manual errors

Reduce time spent

Seamless integration with your ERP system

High transparency and overview 

Can be used worldwide without special software or terminals

Existing EDI connections can be easily integrated

No installation required at the supplier side

See all orders

Accelerated procurement processes

SaaS-solution for a digital order and delivery process


Digital communication with all suppliers

Dashboards and reportings

Web portal and/or EDI

Demand and capacity preview

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