Dock & Yard Management

With Dock & Yard Management, planning, implementation and control of delivery traffic on the plant premises can be managed and optimally coordinated.

What does Dock & Yard Management mean?

DYM prevents trucks from being stuck in traffic jams on the plant premises and thus blocking entrances and exits. DYM thus refers to the management of the time window for deliveries, monitoring and control of delivery traffic in the goods receiving area. In this context, the term "dock" stands for the coordination of the loading docks (incoming goods, outgoing goods, dispatching of trucks, etc.) and "yard" for the activities on the plant premises. Yard management manages information on all vehicles, entry and exit, weighing, loading and unloading, etc. Time slots can be booked online in advance so that goods can be delivered in the right order at the right time. The optimal ramp is also suggested.

What are the advantages of Dock & Yard Management?

Intelligent control of all processes with Dock and Yard Management avoids long queues at the gates and thus cost-intensive idle times, as logistics processes are efficiently networked. Overall, DYM ensures greater safety, lower total cost of ownership and increased throughput. The traffic flow on the plant site is designed as economically as possible, enabling optimized utilization of the infrastructure. Thanks to Dock and Yard Management, all information is also available digitally and in real time, ensuring fast and smooth communication. Overall, YM enables optimized resource utilization and efficient coordination of all logistical processes.

What are the goals of Dock & Yard Management?

  • Time-optimized process chains for efficient operations
  • Increase capacities and productivity
  • Real-time information
  • Faster truck dispatching
  • Transparency in all processes
  • Cost reduction