Fynch-Hatton Controls Customer Areas Worldwide with Remira Merchandise Management

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Fynch-Hatton, the brand with the umbrella acacia, supplies men's fashion to retail companies and department stores' chains worldwide. The management's wish is to have an overview of product movements at all times at initially 1,500 points of sale. In a joint project, the technological basis will first be created and retailer areas will gradually be connected to the REMIRA Group's merchandise management system (RFE). The Fynch-Hatton management thus centrally controls which product is sold where and automatically generates evaluations and subsequent deliveries.


Fynch-Hatton wants to centrally map and control its flow of goods over 1500 areas. The objective is to achieve maximum automation and extensive evaluability of article movements. First of all, the processes in the merchandise management system are to be optimised for Fynch-Hatton's customer communication processes. The data that accumulates in the areas of the customer companies is to be mirrored in the REMIRA merchandise management system (RFE). In addition, the processes for restocking with the constantly available NOS articles (Never Out of Stock) up to invoicing are to be automated. The prerequisite for the necessary data transfers is an EDI connection of the Fynch-Hatton customers. The merchandise management system must translate the data communication into suitable formats using an EDI converter. In large partial steps, all sales areas are to be connected to Fynch-Hatton or to the REMIRA merchandise management system.

"The software saves time and ensures more turnover. We can serve more customers through automation. And now we can also see what sells well with our customers, we can, within the framework agreed with the customer, immediately initiate a follow-up delivery.

"Manuel Forche, Fynch-Hatton, Head of IT

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After Fynch-Hatton had already been working with other REMIRA solutions in their own flagship stores, the companies agree on a system upgrade and the expansion of the cooperation to include the topics of store management and floor space management and created a joint specification. The existing IT system environment will be ported to a new, high-performance server environment. The system will be connected to the INTEX ERP system in use at Fynch-Hatton. From now on, all master data and article catalogues will be exchanged between the Fynch-Hatton customer (e.g. dealer) and Fynch-Hatton in the respective EDI standard format. When exchanging EDI data, the merchandise management system communicates via the DiCentral EDI converter.

Based on the connection of a key user of Fynch-Hatton, Fynch-Hatton and REMIRA develop a structure for "limit planning" (automated support of purchasing). In order to be able to use the store and area management functions, extensive EDI data is exchanged with the ERP system on the one hand and with the fashion retailers on the other. Product control is carried out via adapted NOS processes that are based on the EDI data. In the first partial step, 620 areas have already been connected to the new system landscape. If EDI is available in Fynch-Hatton's customer company, the connection of another area can be carried out within one day.

How Fynch-Hatton Benefits from the New Inventory Management System

Connection of an EDI-using customer (area) to Fynch-Hatton headquarters within one day

✔ High degree of automation

✔ Sales reports

✔ Automated replenishment

✔ Planning purchasing limits

✔ Generate files for invoice generation (depot areas)

Benefits for Fynch-Hatton

  • Manage 1,500+ points of sale centrally
  • Salesreports
  • Automatic replenishment
  • Planning purchasing limits
  • Generate files for invoice generation