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Anja Globke

Anja Globke is a Communications Designer at REMIRA.

Inventory in times of crisis

Inventory management: How to succeed with inventory during Corona times

There is hardly a value-creating company in Germany that is not affected by the Corona crisis. The COVID-19 virus poses major challenges across all industries. Almost no entrepreneur thinks about the upcoming inventory during this time. There are ways and means to significantly reduce the time and personnel expenditure, to obtain additional capacities for the time after the crisis and at the same time to take into account all hygienic requirements for the prevention of infections.

Anja Globke at July 15 2020
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Digital purchasing strategy as a success factor – Free tickets for LogiMAT

Although digitalization is currently regarded as a must-have of logistics, the reality of inventory management is different: Instead of modern digital technologies, many buyers still rely on spreadsheet software such as Excel & Co. Above all, the digital transformation of procurement offers companies the opportunity to optimize their added value and generate growth. At LogiMAT, REMIRA will be showning strategies for Purchasing 4.0 and how LOGOMATE can be used to put it into practice.

Anja Globke at February 26 2020
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Warehouse with high shelves

Inventory management: 6 reasons why an ERP solution is not enough

Do I really need special inventory management software if I already have an ERP system in use? Many purchasing and supply chain managers still mistakenly believe that an ERP system and Excel are enough – saving on the wrong end. The question of the need for inventory management software is quite simple to answer: Do you value efficient and modern scheduling? If the answer is yes, it is important to rely on intelligent inventory management software. We explain this in our blog post.

Anja Globke at August 30 2019
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Inventory management in the supermarket

MPREIS refreshes inventory management with LOGOMATE

When it comes to fresh products, timing is everything. If perishable goods have been on the shelf for too long, it costs the grocer a cash coin. Not at MPREIS: In order to avoid excessive stocks and bottlenecks, the supermarket chain manages its stores and logistics center with LOGOMATE from REMIRA. Using intelligent inventory management software reduces MPREIS’s inventory and at the same time increases product availability. Out-of-stock situations are a thing of the past.

Anja Globke at July 19 2019
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Mock up VMI whitepaper

REMIRA Whitepaper VMI: Full responsibility at the supplier – the positive effects of VMI

The supplier has an important function in the Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI): He assumes the entire responsibility for the replenishment material planning and stock in the warehouse of the dealer. What are the advantages of this role swap in warehouse management? In his new white paper on supplier-driven inventory management, we highlight the positive impact on suppliers and dealers after the introduction of the VMI concept. We use a checklist to provide information on the key figures that need to be available for the successful implementation of VMI. The appropriate software solution for determining up-to-date inventory data and sales forecasts is of fundamental importance.

Anja Globke at July 4 2019
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REMIRA Inventory Management

Inventory management: Four steps to the optimal solution

Why strategic inventory management makes sense

Imagine this challenge in inventory management: A customer wants to buy a specific item from you. But they can’t deliver it because they don’t have it in stock anymore. This situation does not occur once but on a regular basis. As a result, more and more customers are turning to a competitor. Inventory management has become a mission-critical factor before you get it right.

Anja Globke at June 18 2019
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Exhibition premiere: New LOGOMATE user interface from REMIRA

How does a modern user interface (UI) for digital inventory management has to be designed so that it has a high usability and efficiently supports work processes? The answer to this question will be given at LogiMAT 2019, in Hall 8, Booth C27, and at EuroCIS 2019 in Hall 9 Stand E21. Here, a part of the revised, web-based user interface is presented exclusively. Among other things, the new core functions ensure a more structured work, so that objectives are achieved even faster. The UI can be adapted to different users and task areas.

Anja Globke at September 20 2018
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Digitalisation in the Company

New REMIRA survey: What about digitalization in Germany?

How digital are German companies? And have electronic processes already become established in inventory management? We wanted to know this and asked executives from different industries. The result: Digitalization has a high or even essential significance for almost all respondents. However, many are lagging behind in the introduction of digital processes.

Anja Globke at July 6 2018
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Inside view of ATP warehouse

E-commerce retailer ATP relies on LOGOMATE for inventory management

According to the motto “Order today – install tomorrow”, ATP Auto-Parts-Pöllath offers its customers almost one million items in online shipping. The ever-increasing number of orders recently required a restructuring of inventory management and scheduling. To automate processes, the largest German retailer on eBay introduced REMIRA’s LOGOMATE inventory management software. The first positive results are already measurable: better delivery capability and associated reduction of out-of-stock situations.

Anja Globke at June 19 2018
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