Sonderpreis Baumarkt automated scheduling

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Good quality, low prices, competent advice: these are the three pillars on which the business model of the Sonderpreis Baumarkt is based. In order to ensure that customers continue to find a complete range of DIY products and do not stand in front of empty shelves, the company has decided to launch LOGOMATE, inventory management software, for its own brand Fishbull. With the REMIRA solution, Sonderpreis Baumarkt minimizes out-of-stock situations, reduces capital commitment costs, reduces administrative effort, and ensures more efficient use of existing resources and capacities.

The Sonderpreis Baumarkt chain has been expanding in large steps for years. In the meantime, the branch network in Germany has 247 stores. Every day, a total of around 75,000 customers visit the stores to cover themselves cheaply with the most common consumables such as screws, nails or dowels. A special feature is the comparatively small sales areas of approximately 650 m2 to 1,000 m2. The idea behind this: Due to the manageable size, the sellers are close to the customer and can advise them competently at any time. In order to maintain the high level of service and relieve the employees, the company gradually automates scheduling in the stores. Until now, a minimum and a maximum stock in the ordering system have been specified in the stores per item, on the basis of which orders have been made. The adjustment of these values had to be done manually in a time-consuming process. Since the introduction of LOGOMATE, the disposition quantities can be calculated flexibly and dynamically and seasonal fluctuations can be calculated – and all completely automated. This not only means a considerable administrative relief for the employees, but also a constant availability while at the same time reducing the number of employees. For this purpose, around 50,000 items from the Fishbull range were captured in LOGOMATE. The REMIRA solution generates planned orders on a daily basis based on the data provided by Fishbull. These are transmitted fully automatically to the ERP system in the evening. An employee reviews the planned orders and then releases them.

Purchasing and Controlling have a tool with LOGOMATE that allows them to calculate and reserve quantities of goods based on reliable forecasts for the coming year. Another advantage: The calendar function included in LOGOMATE increases transparency, as the software automatically schedules seasonal and other events. In this way, both the staff in the stores and the suppliers are informed in time about appointments, such as the start of the barbecue season, and can adjust the warehouse amount or stock accordingly. After the successful conversion in the stores, Sonderpreis Baumarkt plans to handle the inventory management in the two central warehouses via LOGOMATE in the future.

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