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GEDORE wrenches on steel rack

GEDORE automates sales planning with REMIRA TIA A3

"Tools for life" - under this slogan, the family-owned company GE-DORE has been manufacturing high-quality tools, special tools, and tailor-made solutions for diverse, safe, and professional use in industry and trade since 1919. To reduce the high manual share in sales and demand planning, the family-owned company from Remscheid decided to use REMIRA TIA A3 software for Sales & Operations Planning.

Stina Berghaus at November 9 2021
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REMIRA and Kyklos mock-up

Fashion specialist Kyklos becomes part of REMIRA

REMIRA continues to grow internationally and acquires the Kyklos Group from Italy: With the acquisition and integration of the company specializing in SCM software for the fashion and luxury goods industry, REMIRA is further expanding its product range and market. The provider of supply chain solutions for manufactures, retail and logistics is thus increasing its presence in the strategically important growth market of Italy.

Stina Berghaus at August 5 2021
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Spectacular urban skyline with colourful city illuminations. Aerial view on highways and skyscrapers of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

REMIRA survey: How companies share their delivery information

The communication of all relevant information between companies and their suppliers is of central importance for successful supply chain management. But what does the exchange of supply information look like today? REMIRA asked this question about 150 purchasers from small and medium-sized companies as well as from large industrial and trading groups during the Conference Days of the HUSS publishing house.

Stina Berghaus at July 1 2021
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New REMIRA-Connector standardizes the connection with SAP

REMIRA has standardised the connection of its supply chain solutions to the SAP system world with a new connector. With the plug-and-play solution, users benefit from simple and fast integration. External service providers are no longer required for installation. Thus, even highly integrative tasks can now be realised even more economically with the new SAP Connector. REMIRA's software solutions contribute to driving technological progress within the value-added chain in trading and industrial companies of all sectors.

Stina Berghaus at February 25 2021
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REMIRA moves into new office complex in Dortmund

Back to the roots: REMIRA GmbH has returned to its founding location in Dortmund. The specialist for intelligent IT solutions to optimise the supply chain has moved into a new office complex at Phoenix West. With the move to the ultra-modern premises REMIRA has created the prerequisites for continuing to provide its customers with comprehensive support and to meet the further positive development of the order situation.

Stina Berghaus at October 23 2020
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Change in the top leadership of REMIRA

Handing over the baton at REMIRA Group: The group of companies specializing in AI supply chain solutions has appointed Stephan Unser as its new CEO. The previous managing partner, Thomas Sindermann, is leaving the company after eleven years. He will continue to support REMIRA with his experience and expertise.

Stina Berghaus at October 22 2020
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REMIRA takes over Genova PreSet and extends its product portfolio

REMIRA continues its expansion with the purchase of Genova Consultancy and the associated, purely cloud-based solution PreSet. The iPad® app PreSet enables those involved in the development of new collections to regularly evaluate the individual designs online. Thanks to PreSet, which has already positioned itself for the entire fashion and furniture retail sector, REMIRA is strengthening its position and opening up new, international markets.

Stina Berghaus at October 13 2020
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Remira building in Bochum

LOG:IT and TIA A3 Forecast become part of the Remira Group

Following the successful acquisition of inventory specialist StatControl, the newly founded Remira Group continues to grow. The latest members of the group are log:IT and TIA A3 Forecast from Regensburg. With the acquisition, the Remira Group is expanding its range of products in the areas of warehouse management, supplier management and material planning, while at the same time strengthening its position as a solution provider for inventory optimization, precise sales planning and scheduling. In the future, customers will receive intelligent software tools for efficient inventory and inventory management from a single source.

Stina Berghaus at August 26 2019
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REMIRA acquires inventory specialist STATCONTROL

Inventory management expert REMIRA continues its strategic expansion course: STATCONTROL, a specialist in certified statistical procedures for inventories and inventory controls, will become a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bochum-based company. Through the merger, REMIRA and STATCONTROL pool their industry know-how and create important synergies for the development of groundbreaking software solutions in the areas of inventories, inventory control and optimization.

Stina Berghaus at July 24 2019
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Several jeans hanging on coat hangers

Sample stocktaking for RFIDmanaged fashion inventories

In order to ensure that stocks don’t run out in the warehouse and, above all, in stores, ongoing inventory controls are essential in the interests of transparent and resource-friendly warehouse management. Regular inventory controls are an important element and need to be carried out at least once a year.

Clothes make the man, so the saying goes, which is why fashion boutiques are always well-stocked with suitable and modern fashion items for their customers. But behind the scenes, this requires a fully functional chain of logistical processes. This is because fabrics have to be procured and processed, clothes have to be transported from the production site to the fashion warehouse and stores have to have a steady and sufficient stream of stock. By using sample inventories and intelligent technologies – such as radio frequency identification [RFID] – inventories can be carried out with up to 95% less counting work nowadays. Therefore, sample inventories radically reduce both the financial and the human resources required, they are less prone to errors than the traditional full inventory, and – thanks to their potential uses – are a decisive competitive factor for RFID-managed stocks as well.

Especially for the fashion industry, which is considered to be a global pioneer in the use of RFID technologies along the entire value creation chain, sample inventories form an efficient foundation for well-sorted clothes warehouses. Both industry and logistics have long recognised the potential of RFID technologies, which can be used for contactless identification goods over a wireless signal and without any need for visual contact through the use of an RFID reader. And even in trade, RFID is becoming more widespread for merchandise coding purposes. In the clothing trade, RFID has been helping to take customers’ heightened service and product availability demands into account. The wide variety of products in fashion companies – due to the availability of individual items in different sizes and colours, for example – goes hand in hand with a huge amount of picking work.

RFID records products automatically and drastically cuts costs, which gives in-store employees more freedom to meet customer requirements. Therefore, the fashion industry is considered a pioneering sector with respect to the use of RFID technologies. Goods identification over radio waves helps to avoid shipping errors, incoming goods pallets can be checked more quickly and readout devices used in-store prevent undetected shoplifting among other things. But that’s not all. The technology also makes things easier for the inventory, which takes place at least once per year, and regular inventory controls, provided that these processes are performed in a time-saving manner by means of random samples.

Stina Berghaus at June 1 2018
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Rüdinger Krautheim office aerial view

Benchmark at warehouse logistics: Spedition Rüdinger counts on DILOS

Rüdinger Spedition GmbH employs more than 450 workers and owns 180 road trains in order to supply any customer in Hohenlohe and the Main-Tauber region in Germany as well as far beyond: At the segment of XXL transportation the company is one of Europe’s leading specialists. But Rüdinger also sets new standards in terms of warehouse and contract logistics: 30 warehouses at 5 locations with an overall storage area of 100.000 square meters and most modern technological equipment allow a wide range of services like storage and clearance as well as shipping and spare parts stores.

Stina Berghaus at November 13 2017
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HORN: Existing ERP-System is extended by a new warehouse management system

ALFRED HORN GmbH & Co. KG is a specialist supplier offering solutions all around production and assembly of windows, facades, doors, gates and interior construction. Part of that are special component deliveries like mounting material, equipment of production with tools or e.g. vehicle equipment for mounting vehicles. With the help of personal customer services, a webshop, e-Procurement-Systems, an in-house truck delivery service and a same day and night express HORN supplies craft businesses with a range of more than 40.000 stock items and also meet individual requirements.

Stina Berghaus at October 26 2017
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