REMIRA acquires two more software companies in Italy

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REMIRA is further expanding its market position in Europe with two additional acquisitions in Italy. The companies Optisoft S.r.l. and Gea Soft S.r.l. are now part of REMIRA and expand the product range with their software solutions for travel management systems, customs administration, shift planning, quality control, production planning and streamlining of business processes.  

In December of 2022, REMIRA acquired three companies within Italy: Proelia, IambOO and Giuneco, to drive strategic growth. Prior to that, Kyklos was acquired in July 2021, laying the strategic foundation for REMIRA Italia's organic and inorganic growth. Like the previous acquisitions, the current ones were successfully supported by Ernst & Young as M&A buy-side advisor and are an important building block during REMIRA's internationalization. The REMIRA Italia division has grown strongly over the past two and a half years and has placed REMIRA’s solution portfolio in the market. This organic growth is being continuously expanded. This includes cross-selling to existing customers, new industries with solutions from REMIRA's overall portfolio, and new customers.

Stephan Unser, CEO of REMIRA: 

"An improved offering through acquisitions and complementary solutions is inorganic growth in the first step. Integrating the solutions into the overall story and offering them throughout the Italian and international market are the next steps. At the same time, the Italian market offers us excellent professionals for international tasks."

Optisoft strengthens offering in the "Transportation" division  

REMIRA Italia is already a significant company with approximately 160 employees and a strategic turnover of over 20 million euros. It is a campus for training and attracting new employees, addressing new industries in Italy, and laying the foundation for close cooperation in development with the entire REMIRA Group. Further expansion of the Commerce division are the declared goals for the coming years. The acquisition of Optisoft strengthens the transportation division. Numerous joint customer projects have already taken place in the past with the company from Sarzana, Liguria. Fabio Bertella, CEO of Optisoft, is extremely pleased with the takeover by REMIRA:

"The successful merger is the result of determination and strong will. We can now face new challenges in a stronger and even more reliable way and compete in ever larger and more prestigious contexts. At Optisoft, we will share our extensive experience and expertise with the entire REMIRA team, with the primary goal of growing together with all our new partners."  

Optisoft specializes in software solutions for transportation (Travel), customs administration (APP2DO) and shift planning (SAR) and employs ten people. Optisoft's established "Travel" software, with its modular structure, can meet a company's various travel and transportation management needs. One of the goals is to reduce and monitor transportation costs, which are one of the biggest cost factors for companies.   

Gea Soft as a specialist in the footwear and leather goods sector  

Gea Soft is an important and established soft service provider in the fashion industry with a focus on leather products. REMIRA has been working with the 25-strong team at Gea Soft, based in Lucca, since 2012 at an existing customer in the premium fashion industry, among others, in quality control. The software provider has developed a range of solutions to accurately manage planning and production in the footwear and leather goods sector. 

Giuliano Carnesecchi, CEO of Gea Soft:

"We are pleased and proud to now be part of REMIRA Italia, as we are all positioned in the same market with a strong focus on the fashion industry. Moreover, the synergies resulting from this new collaboration offer us the opportunity to expand and complement our specific expertise in the sector, making our offer to clients even more comprehensive. This new chapter represents a unique opportunity for growth and the acquisition of new competencies."

As an IT partner to over 300 companies, Gea Soft has more than 25 years of experience in the leather goods and footwear industry. Today, the company is the undisputed leader in these sectors thanks to the high level of expertise gained through its collaboration with the major Italian fashion houses.   

Wide vertical expertise in products and solutions  

"With a lot of quality and trust from the management and from the colleagues in Italy, we have created the basis for a significant international growth. The intensive cooperation from Germany, the Netherlands and other countries with Italy will bear its fruits and make upcoming challenges solvable together,"

says Stephan Unser, CEO of REMIRA.

Lorenzo Azzari, CEO of REMIRA Italia, is also more than satisfied with the current acquisitions, because thanks to the overlapping competencies and capabilities within REMIRA, it is now possible to access a wide range of services through a single point of contact. At the same time, this approach ensures vertical expertise in products and solutions focused on the specific needs of our customers:

"Acquiring new companies that share our values and mission allows us to grow healthily and create a new technology hub. This pole can become a comprehensive reference point for companies in need of IT services and digital innovation."