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Stephan Unser and Dirk Bingler

Handover at REMIRA: Dirk Bingler supersedes Stephan Unser as CEO

REMIRA is setting the course for future development of the company: On November 1, Dirk Bingler (48) will become the new CEO of the supply chain and omnichannel software expert headquartered in Dortmund. The previous CEO Stephan Unser (62) moves to the top of the REMIRA Advisory Board as Chairman, where he will support management in Germany and Italy in the further expansion of REMIRA.

Stina Berghaus at October 11 2023
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REMIRA building in Dortmund

REMIRA acquires two more software companies in Italy

REMIRA is further expanding its market position in Europe with two additional acquisitions in Italy. The companies Optisoft S.r.l. and Gea Soft S.r.l. are now part of REMIRA and expand the product range with their software solutions for travel management systems, customs administration, shift planning, quality control, production planning and streamlining of business processes.  

Stina Berghaus at September 22 2023
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The three software companies Proelia, LambOO and Giuneco strengthen REMIRA Italia with immediate effect.

REMIRA Italia Acquires Three Software Companies in Italy

From 50 to 100: With three acquisitions at the beginning of the year, REMIRA has continued its expansion in Italy and doubled the number of employees in the country. The companies Proelia, IambOO and Giuneco are now part of REMIRA Italia. The supply chain and omnichannel commerce specialist, which was advised by Ernst & Young, is thus continuing its strategic growth and further expanding its market position.

Stina Berghaus at February 22 2023
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The REMIRA office building in Dortmund was illuminated in orange as part of Orange Your City.

PhoenixWERK supports Orange your City

A beacon against violence against women: On November 25, the PhoenixWERK shone in a rich shade of orange. The two main tenants Scheffler Helbich Architekten and REMIRA supply chain solutions had joined the "Orange Your City" campaign in Dortmund to draw attention to the high number of acts of violence against women.

Stina Berghaus at November 26 2021
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REMIRA Orange Your City 2021 in Dortmund

Orange Your City: REMIRA sets an example against violence against women

Taking a stand: On Thursday, November 25, 2021, numerous buildings in Dortmund will once again be illuminated in a rich shade of orange, including the PhoenixWERK, REMIRA's main location. The background is serious: the numbers of violent acts against women continue to be at a high level. Many companies in Dortmund are joining the campaign to send a signal against psychological and physical violence against women.

Stina Berghaus at November 24 2021
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Black friday illustration

Promotion planning for Black Friday: Tips for supply chain managers and material controllers

When it comes to replacing the broken dishwasher or outfitting the living room with modern furniture, many people immediately visit their trusted website to look for good deals. This is particularly worthwhile on Black Friday, when numerous retailers and online stores ignite a veritable barrage of bargains. Black Friday originally comes from the USA and is intended to herald the start of the Christmas business. For some years now, it has also been widespread in Europe, and especially on the Internet there are numerous offers on this last Friday in November as well as on the following "Cyber-Monday". It is therefore no wonder that many stores generate their highest sales of the year on this day.

Stina Berghaus at November 22 2021
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