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People of Rijk Zwaan with an Australian flag

Tenth Rijk Zwaan subsidiary live on Demand Planning

With Rijk Zwaan Australia, another 4 users have stepped on board for their daily job of demand forecasting and replenishment planning. Demand Planning is now supporting 38 users in The Netherlands (Benelux), Spain (including Morocco), France, Italy, UK, Germany RZ GmbH (covering Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), Poland, Portugal, Israel (managed by RZ Export) and Australia. Subsequent roll outs scheduled for July this year will be to RZ Export for South Korea, Greece, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and Iran and to Hungary.

Stina Berghaus at January 25 2024
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After more than a year of using Outperform Planning at King and Prince Seafood

Nearly a year after turn ing off all other systems and using only Outperform Planning to manage their S&OP process, King and Prince Seafood has been able to achieve most of the targets they set out to as part of the implementation project. There is now a single tool that provides a complete and detailed view of their supply chain that was not possible before.

Stina Berghaus at January 25 2024
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Pearson signs for additional licenses of Outperform Demand Planning

Pearson VUE has signed on for an additional license of Outperform Demand Planning for use in their next major business unit. This also includes additional users for the existing license bringing the total to 20 users. Outperform will deliver this new application instance and the associated data integration to the Pearson systems by mid-2011.

Stina Berghaus at March 25 2021
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Silberline licenses Outperform Planning

Silberline will replace their existing spreadsheets driven sales and budget planning process with Outperform Planning. The current spreadsheet based process is time consuming and error prone due to the collaboration required amongst the different personnel based around the world. Which also lead to fewer update cycles than what the business desired. With Outperform Planning, we will have a solution to look forward, measure and adjust in a much shorter timeframe; which results in the rest of the organization reacting swiftly to the needs of the marketplace. The implementation timeline is set to be fairly aggressive so as to have it in time for the 2015 budgeting process to take advantage of the intuitive and collaborative environment of Outperform Planning solution. We are very excited to work with Silberline and welcome them as a customer. The focus will be on the Sales in S&OP.

Stina Berghaus at February 9 2021
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King and Prince Seafood goes live with Demand Planning module of Outperform Planning

Outperform Planning’s supply planning capabilities provide the King and Prince Seafood organization with a long term, cost optimized look at their production capabilities, and allows them to build accurate supply plans that effectively balance their manufacturing capabilities over the long run while satisfying customer demand. Supply planning effectively manages difficult constraints like long lead times and batch sizing / changeover considerations providing an accurate outlook on manufacturing capabilities that extends nearly 2 years into the future.

Stina Berghaus at May 14 2020
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Westland Kaas Groep b.v. selects Outperform

After an in depth evaluation Outperform was selected to provide a solution for the operational and medium term planning at Westland Kaas Groep b.v., well known for their premium brands such as Maaslander and Old Amsterdam. The planning challenge involves forecasting the demand for packed cheese at multiple levels and then turning this into a cheese packing and raw cheese purchasing plan.

Stina Berghaus at January 24 2020
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