King and Prince Seafood goes live with Demand Planning module of Outperform Planning

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Outperform Planning’s supply planning capabilities provide the King and Prince Seafood organization with a long term, cost optimized look at their production capabilities, and allows them to build accurate supply plans that effectively balance their manufacturing capabilities over the long run while satisfying customer demand. Supply planning effectively manages difficult constraints like long lead times and batch sizing / changeover considerations providing an accurate outlook on manufacturing capabilities that extends nearly 2 years into the future.

Outperform provides the entire organization with a view into what is happening in the plants, where in the near term customer service and sales have the information to promise their customers stock.

About King & Prince Seafood

King & Prince, with over 65 years experience, delivers seafood the way it should be, because from start to finish the operator and patron experience will meet expectations every time.  By using only the best resources and minimal processing, King & Prince products have a flavor and texture that taste fresher than fresh. With one of the industry’s most extensive global sourcing networks through Nissui, the world’s second largest seafood company, King & Prince follows sustainability guidelines so availability will never be an issue. For 65 years, King & Prince has been delivering patron-pleasing seafood by following the strictest quality control procedures and maintaining food safety that exceed industry standards. For more information about the company or its product brands: King & Prince®, Mrs. Friday’s®, Sushi Bob®, Oceanway®, Sensations® and Pride of Alaska™, visit

Getting an accurate picture of our demand is the first step towards a successful S&OP process. Outperform has enabled us to capture our demand in an easy and intuitive manner.

Christopher Long, VP of Supply Chain