Tenth Rijk Zwaan subsidiary live on Demand Planning

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With Rijk Zwaan Australia, another 4 users have stepped on board for their daily job of demand forecasting and replenishment planning. Demand Planning is now supporting 38 users in The Netherlands (Benelux), Spain (including Morocco), France, Italy, UK, Germany RZ GmbH (covering Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), Poland, Portugal, Israel (managed by RZ Export) and Australia. Subsequent roll outs scheduled for July this year will be to RZ Export for South Korea, Greece, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and Iran and to Hungary.

Here is a link to the whitepaper

Michael Martin (RZ Australia) comments: “One of the best steps in the process has been the workshop at De Lier in April 2009. The basic template was demonstrated and all organisations were invited to comment. It was well organized and gave us the opportunity to emphasize our local requirements. At the other end of the world we are even more dependent on timely planning and smooth logistics. The roll out team takes its job seriously and the system is a masterpiece that exactly fits our business.”

We have made it to Australia this year, which is our 10th subsidiary live on the solution. The journey has been pleasant, on schedule and is delivering us increasing returns on our investment.

Pieter Jan Epema, Manager supply chain