Westland Kaas Groep b.v. selects Outperform

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After an in depth evaluation Outperform was selected to provide a solution for the operational and medium term planning at Westland Kaas Groep b.v., well known for their premium brands such as Maaslander and Old Amsterdam. The planning challenge involves forecasting the demand for packed cheese at multiple levels and then turning this into a cheese packing and raw cheese purchasing plan.

The collaborative and interactive approach, with the Excel look and feel user interface was identified as the right mix between system supported decision making and planner control.

About Westland Kaas Groep b.v.:

Founded in 1936, is specialized in the sale and marketing of domestic and international cheese brands.

It is clear that shelf life and maturation play an important role in the cheese business, but that is just the start. We will need to work intensively with the Westland business process owners to crack this nut.

Jurriaan van der Lingen, Development Manager Outperform